Lime, Elim, Zaid, Madelin, Sevis
(major towns)

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Administrator is an NPC.


This NPC will give you several Primary Missions, Secondary Missions and Other Quests

Administrator Quests

  • Aim : To help players to reach a certain level and certain reputation/fame. The rewards will depend on the job.
  • How to get : Just talk with [NPC] Administrator at every town. She's the girl with bunny clothes.
  • There are three types of this quest : primary, secondary quest, and other

Primary Quests

  • The requirement for primary quest is to reach a certain level. If you reach a certain level, then the rewards is weapon + 3 for each job. But, you can take this quest if you haven't reached that level yet. For example,to take "reach level 20", your maximum level to be able to get this quest is level 19.

× Period Quests Reward
1 Level 1 - 19 Reach Level 20
  • 10,000 Cegels
2 Level 20-34 Reach Level 35
3 Level 35-49 Reach Level 50
4 Level 50-99 Reach Level 100 10th weapon +3

Secondary Quest

The requirement for secondary quest is to reach a certain reputation/fame. If you reach a certain fame/reputation then the reward is armor +3, depend on the job. This quest can be taken if you haven't reached the certain range level.

× Period Quests Reward
1 Level 1 - 19 Reach Fame "Brute (Soldier)" (581)      Seed +4
2 Level 20-34 Reach Fame "Hoodlum (Captain)" (2,439)
3 Level 35-49 Reach Fame "Thug (Major)" (4,635)

Other Quests