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Do not play jester using darts from level 1!!! it's so much better using combo (means Str+Agi) until lvl 67 which is much more faster n easier in hunting... why dont make int jester from lv 1? firstly you need a lot of cegel to buy dart n reload every couple hours and damage isn't strong enough to kill monsters (waste a lot of darts = waste a lot of cegel)...

Guide from lvl 67 (Lazy to post guide from lvl 1-67 because it is still easy for all of you to hunt) for Dart Jester/clown

First: Buy or find a mimi (Jester/Clown Weapon for lvl 67) and forge it with Brown soil (Good against water element monster) ... then go hunt aleph (water element monster) inside Aleph cave until lvl 85-90 (only 2 or 3 days you can reach 85 from lvl 67 ,you can continue hunt there until 90 but i'd prefer go hunt buble dragon (lvl 87 monster) n rayshark(lvl 93 monster)).

When you reach 90, go change your weapon to Falcon or Falcon.G dagger(Lv 83 clown/jester weapon) forge it with Water element (Good against fire element monster) then go hunt crack crab[Fire](Lv 103 Monster) if your Accuracy isn't enough to attack crack crab, ask cleric to come along and support you. Why i chose crack crab? it is simply because crack crab is really slow and you can hit it 4-5 times before it reach you. Save your money and learn kiting :p
Well that's for all now (because i still hunting crack crab right now ^^) later when i have good advice i'll post it here again.

Note for all dart jester: never sell your weapon which is already forged with element because u might will need it later. and don't u use Costumes Equip unless u have Maid set all +8 or +9 ( or you can use any G equipment with attack speed on it). Agi n Str Just for wearing Equips the rest goes to INT.

Important things for dart jester: Attack speed is the best offense (if you have 100++ aspd you can kill level 90++ mage when you're level 75 within a few second). always use urge skill for yourself and masquerade to take status from other characters (Best use it to Mage which is gain Magic power around 40++) ELEMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FOR JESTER WHEN IT COMES FOR HUNTING or else you will be very slow in leveling. Forge your your Weapon to +6 or higher. It's better if you can find your own place to leveling (best if it has 1 type of element monster) that way you can save a lot of money (1 weapon needed) and feel free to spend it on accesories

For Pet: use Sacred Ibiz( 5th stage bird from Crow) , valkyrie or Fly phoenix will be the best for clown since it have Attack n Mpower...
<I suggest to use Eagle or Thunder Bird Pet instead of Pheonix ( Pheonix give only Magic atk ) or Hatchling ( more Physical atk than Magic atk )
...Edited by High Jester Class Player, btw all this advice is pretty good.>

Long Live Clown/Jester hehe...

Edit: by Fststrike, or Eridan in sealonline

dont listen to the guy above u should go for full int, or int and bit of agi when ur low lvl so when u do get to a high lvl u will be super strong but i suggest the instead of lvling i suggest that you do some quests earlier (lvl 30-60) so you can either equip a maid costume or something else with tons of attack speed

you would need 20k fame to wear one

and as for elements, i suggest you go with the guy on top XD but i think if you go full int, you can kill lvl 1xx fire mobs when ur lvl 8x just as long as you have water element in your weapon i did not have this luxery, for i was poor (only lvling) and i only had a nomal weapon +4 at most and i could already kill 1xx monsters at lvl 90 XD and it only took me about 3-4 darts per kill (cards also 2-3) i prefer to use darts because its a bit less expensive and cards are only a bit stronger when ur about lvl 90-130 but when u get to lvl 13x i suggest you use cards fully cuz then there would be a big difference

being a full int dart jester would not be expensive as you would think because you would be using less pots and you would also kill faster (stronger) well this is my opinion and please dont be rude, so that the old (PROS) would come back XD


A bit of edit from me..

If you have a lot of money and you are a pure int Jester I suggest you use Wanderer shoes .G with a good options ,the top for lvl 66 Jester .G with a good option, Bat Guy Mask or something like that that have 10 atk spd and atk with a good option and lastly lunar rabit (B) with a good option

If you can't afford .G equipments but still want to go pure int I suggest maid TBS and Bat Guy Mask

Well, sorry for any typo


Another edit from external destiny server..

better use a pirate eye patch at lvl 39-50 coz it has a magic power 9and attck spd 3... and wing of incubus at lvl 51... this accessory is better for Bat Guys Mask..^^ Since you can use it at the same time...

Edited By Sweetlips

Sidenote regarding the "then go hunt aleph (water element monster) inside Aleph cave until lvl 85-90-part. At lv.80 its not possible to re-enter the room, if you get in there at 80 you cant leave or you will not be able to enter it again