• To go to the Arena Zone, talk to the Beggar in any town, and choose the 6th option "Isn't there anything fun?". You pay 1,000 Cegel for the trip.

Note: Blue Crystal (Arena) is named Blue Crystal in game. It should not be confused with Blue Crystal, a monster drop.

NPCs located in Arena Zone

Quest Table

  • The quests can be completed in any order.
Quest NPC EXP Other Rewards
Search for Legendary Mine Quest Dubas 5 or less Blue Crystal (Arena)
Protect Flower Garden Quest Dienne 3 Blue Crystal (Arena)
Noble Madam's Pet Quest Unique Noblewoman 4 Blue Crystal (Arena)

Note: you need a party to do this quest

Fake Pass Quest Hermes 10000 3 Blue Crystal (Arena)
  1. REDIRECT Fake Pass Quest