|style="text-align:center;"| Arus Signature Quest ||style="text-align:center;"| D.Heroend ||style="text-align:center;"| 12750 ||style="text-align:center;"| 900 ||style="text-align:center;"| ||style="text-align:left;"|

Start NPC:

D.Heroend - Tower of Training

Quests Needed:

Whereabouts of Heroes Quest

Repeatable: Not Repeatable

Exp: 12750
Fame: 900

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


  • Talk to D.Heroend and get Arus portrait.
  • Go to Elim tavern and talk to the Black Hair Knight. This is Arus.
  • He says he needs a drink. Walk to Jin and talk to him. Buy the Black Hair Knight some drinks.
  • Complete his easy request. Choose the easier one that needs you to go to Madelin and find the Fortune Teller - Shina.
Knight's Question
  • Go to Madelin with the Gold the Black Hair Knight gave you.
    • Note: If you happen to sell the Gold, it is still obtainable from Crow.
Fortune Teller
Arus sig Arus sig quest