Minimum requirement to obtain this skill :
Character level 8

Skill Points needed : 0

Inventory.gif Bank Skill

The Bank Skill allows you to access the bank through the Bank Teller, it must first require that the character is level 8 and above. It can hold up to 80 different slots. The bank is shared by the whole accounts meaning all 5 characters in the same server will have 1 bank.

How to Learn

To learn the skill you must speak with the Bank Teller found in any town. Tell him you wish to use the bank and he will give you a dialog and few details as well as ask you for a password that will be used for the bank. When creating this password write it down because you will not be able to get it back without a GM's aid.

When you access the bank you can place the object by dragging and dropping it in side a available area. Items can stack to the set of how many it can hold, how much a item can stack will be displayed over the item's information. Keep in mind every time you remove an object it will deduct 100 gold coins from your currency.

But remember you could not take others bank password, because is no use. You could not use others bank password, you even could not take your things in other server, too. Remember that, OK (^_^)v

if you using bank from outer city or not from NPC Bank you will pay for fee 5000 cegels (not: must equipt a pet).

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