What is Battle Pet? Battle Pet is a new feature in Seal Online Blades of Destiny which allows you to have an additional pet besides your support pet (such as Seed, Piya Egg, etc.)

Battle Pet can hunt, hit monsters, take damage, use skills, pick up items and use potions. All of them are controlled by the player. It also has its own levels (and exp), skill points, loyalty, status attributes (atk, def, acc, eva, aspd, crit) and equipments. Once you get your Battle Pet, you will see a new interface, a new status information and a new quick slot.

There are 4 kind of Battle Pet: Dark Spirit, Light Spirit, Fire Spirit, and Water Spirit. Each of them has their own unique skills and benefits. You can check their skills here: Battle Pet Skills

How to Control

CTRL = Standby

CTRL + Click to a place = Move

CTRL + Click to a monster = Attack

J = Changing and showing Battle Pet's Quick Slot

Y = Battle Pet's Status

Note : For showing Battle Pet's Skill, you should go to Option, tick the New Status Information, then you could find two arrows next to the status info (one is for Status and the other for Skill). However, in my friend's and my computer, it will appear once we press the mute button (keyboard shortcut)

How to Get

By doing the Battle Pets Quest.

To be able to do the Battle Pets Quest, you need to finish The Trail of Heroes Quest and Rainbow Zone Quest(another name 7 Dimension Quest)

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