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What is Battle Pet? Battle Pet is a new feature in Seal Online Blades of Destiny which allows you to have an additional pet besides your support pet (such as Seed, Piya Egg, etc.).

There 4 different kind of Battle Pets. Each of them have unique skills and status. To get battle pet, firstly you need to complete Battle Pets Quest. Requirement to use any battle pet is level 70 and 65535 fame.

Light Spirit (mainly increases player's magic power) Battle Pets 1.jpg

Dark Spirit (mainly increases player's attack power) Battle Pets 2.jpg
Fire Spirit (mainly increases player's attack speed) Battle Pets 3.jpg

Water Spirit (mainly increases player's defend) Battle Pets 4.jpg

Things you need to know

  1. Battle pet helps you to kill monsters but not for PvP purpose.
  2. Battle pet increases player's status and this extra stats will increase as it's level up.
  3. Battle pet's potion and low level armors can be purchased at any town's bar or at secret room.
  4. You can access Secret Room (Interrogation Room) which is located in Elim (near Marco), Lime (near Militia) and Sevis (most upper warp) where you can revive, evolve, or buy Battle Pet armors. However, every time you exit the room, you'll be transported immediately to Sevis' entrance to the Secret Room, regardless of your entry point beforehand.
  5. Battle pet can be revived by talking to NPC Doctor Danny Brown, then drag your dead battle pet. (it costs A LOT especially at higher levels, be careful not to kill your battle pet).
  6. Battle pet can be evolved at level 35 (1st Stage), 55 (2nd Stage), 75 (3rd Stage) and 95 (4th stage) by talking to NPC Doctor Sunny Brown, using Natural Stone and some fees and their grade can be up, down or no change. There is a chance to fail your battle pet evolution especially at higher stages.
  7. There are 4 grades of battle pet: A (Normal), AA (Uncommon), AAA (Rare) and S (Legendary), better grades have better attributes overall.
  8. Battle pet's loyalty will start to increase over time (around 15-20 mins per loyalty point) when its “heart" (shown in battle pet status bar, or Fp using the old version) reaches 100%. While the battle pet's loyalty is irreversible, its heart will reset back to 0% when it either dies or you unsummon it. The heart's percentage will also degrade slowly while you're offline (the percentage increase and decrease rate are presumed the same).
  9. Loyalty is used for battle pet armor requirement. (Shown below the equipments' level requirement)
  10. Higher level battle pet equipments can be dropped from monsters.
  11. It is possible to refine your battle pets equipment by using Refinement G Book with requisite it is (Advanced). In order to make it from (Normal) into (Advanced) it needs to undergo advance refinement by using Advance Manual.
  12. Battle pets' experience are separated from player’s experience, meaning the experience gained from your battle pet will not be counted towards your character's experience bar and vice versa.
  13. To see other players battle pets (in vending or trading) simply right click on it.
  14. All quest monsters killed solely by your battle pet will not be counted towards completion (meaning that you'll need to at least hit it as well).

How to Control

  1. To access battle pet menu simply press O/option, change the Status Bar into "new", then click the red arrow button for skill or blue arrow button for status and equip.
  2. To move your battle pet press Ctrl+Click to blank area.
  3. To make your battle pet attack press Ctrl+Click to monster.
  4. To access battle pet skill bar press J, there you can see 2 skills which one is to make your battle pet Stop, and the other one is to make your battle pet Loot items.

Guide Version 1.1 (This guide is based on Seal Blade Of Destiny)

Battle Pet Status

Dark Spirit

Battle Pet Dark Spirit.jpg

Fire Spirit

Battle Pet Fire Spirit.jpg

Water Spirit

Battle Pet Water Spirit.jpg