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Okay, talking about beginners, people will have an image on beginners- what a noob. If you intend to play a permanent beginner to lv 150+ or so, things you must have:

-High fame -A MUST to have a main account supporting cegels, items etc. -Not a must, but have a good community/ buddy/ guild, this can help you alot along your journey. -Patience. You will level up VERY VERY slowly at first, because of you either choose to be hybrid perma beginner( STR & AGI)or pure STR perma beginner.You will be leveling either:

a) the fast way-- leeching exp(thats why you need a good community/ guild/ buddy to help you out)

b) the slow way-- to train on bales lower at LEAST, 15lvls than you. Ex: you are 50, but the bale you can train on are only lv35s, because you have : low hp, defence and atk speed, despite pro equips, if you have.

FOR IMPATIENT PPL, follow step (a) it will be fast, but, boring and meaningless playing the game.

PATIENT PPL, why mind the slow? Just grind all the way to 70+ , spam buying quest items from your main account will help. Power leveling/ leeching sometimes also adds the fun.


  1. 1 Why to have high fame? or not.

If you have a high amount of fame/ fame rank. Ex: Grunt is vry high ranking of fames already. Ppl will be very "OMG" to see you. "WTH a Grunt BEGGINER, what lvl he is and OMG how long did he stand so far! HOW"

OR  you may choose the funnnn part:

HAVE LOW FAME, OR EVEN DONT EVEN DO A QUEST! when you start your character, spawn it at newbies town, and later, teleport to either/any town. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: DON'T USE RED CROSS SERVICES! (the revival spot/ nurse)

When you die, just click " to red cross" and TATA, here you are at newbies town. Do that at lv70/80+ and scare of the newbies there.

  • This can be used for all jobs.

Stats: STR/AGI low attack,average accurancy*, average attack speed, average hp, die quite easily.

Pure STR High attack, average accurancy*, low attack speed, low hp, never die that easily**

  • base on equip and stats
    • base on equip and total damage, if you can one-hit-KO bales or either few hit KO

Anyway. you'll be quite easy going when you reach job: Vagabond, lv115 (2nd job) ,hope so but I'm not too sure too.

Any comments, please do send an e-mail to:

guide from Cacteeniajoo (level 141knight)