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Bird Egg

This is the chart for Bird pet evolutions, each require a certain amount of Fame and a level requirement. Most give stats that will help a certain class more. Choose wisely and click on the links on this chart to look at the pet information before choosing which Bird pet to get.

Evolution ingredients are only suggestions. Take note that the order of materials placed are important. The evolution ingredients do not guarantee success evolution. Every evolution has a chance to fail.

Notes :

  • Pet Trainer Hint is the most important thing in evolution. To see the hint, equip the pet or put in the inventory, then talk to Pet Trainer in Item Shop. Choose option #6 (You obtain hints for the evolution ingredients, and choose the class of your pet
  • If you have colored pet, pet trainer won't give you the hint. you can use the hint from the normal pet, it's the same

Click on the below chart to find out the evolution ingredients for each different pet.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rare Very Rare 6th Rare Very Rare 7th Rare Very Rare
Bird Egg Legged Bird Egg Bat Winged Egg Baby Bat Hot-Blooded Bat Boy or Dragon ¬ Blood Genius Bat
Blood Sucking Bat Count Bat or Dragon Raven (6th).gif Duke Dracula
Pig Bat Lucky Pig Bat or Dragon Hot-Blooded Detective Bat.gif or Mir.gif or Mir.gif Super Lucky Pig Bat
Salamander Hatchling or Dragon or Fly Dragon Grow Old Together.gif or Blue Mir.gif or Blue Mir.gif Sacred Ibis the Red or Dragon Empress or Fly Dragon Empress
Feather Winged Egg Crow (Pet) Sacred Ibis or Phoenix Bubble Dragon (Pet).gif or Oriental Phoenix.gif or Oriental Phoenix.gif Sesame Salt Love Birds or Gleaming Jewel Phoenix or Fly Gleaming Jewel Phoenix
Pair of Love Birds Sweet Love Birds or Phoenix Dr. Boo.gif or Blue Oriental Phoenix.gif or Blue Oriental Phoenix.gif Top Score Beak Beak Professor
Owl Doctor Owl or Phoenix Clink.gif Golden Spoon Hatchling
Eagle Thunder Bird or Phoenix or Fly Phoenix Lightning Thunderbird

  • Note : all 5th stage can evolution to 6th stage (reference Seal Wiki China).
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