How to Enter Blue Eye Dungeon

Quest NPC Exp Fame Cegel Other Rewards

Found Blue Eye

Fortress of Blue Eye
Wounded Man Quest Wounded Man
Tipareth's Chest Sabin

1st Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon Quest

o After enter the gate of Blue Eye, head straight then turn left on the second turn. You will find [NPC] Cut-Off Path. Talk to the NPC before starting the quest.

o Find and Kill [Boss] Blood Skullo [Earth] or [Boss] Merciful Skull Mage [Darkness] to get Broken Blue Piece. Avoid to get close to [NPC] Doom of Skullo [Darkness] by walking sticking to the wall. Then, you will find [NPC] A pile of Stone. Talk to the NPC, then you will be able to pass the pile of stones.

o Find and Kill [Boss] Swift Zombie [Earth] or [Boss] Hot-Blooded Pedron [Earth] to get Broken Gray Piece.

o With those 2 quest items you will be able to access the Room of Unstable Ohm.

o Enter the gate "To Ohm" by using the Broken Blue Piece and Broken Gray Piece you got before.

o Defeat Unstable Ohm. (please note that there's a respawn duration after the boss died)

o F1 Quest finished, you will be able to enter F2 of Blue Eye Dungeon.

2nd Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon Quest

o Avoid [NPC] Doom Guard [Darkness]. There is empty space on the front, you need a good timing to go into safety zone. Find [NPC] Questionable Bale then Talk to the NPC to enter inside the well.

o Inside the well, head Northeast, you will find a way to go outside (green text). Click on it.

o Outside the well, there are some people. Among these people, the one named Seraph explains his miserable situation and requests to have Tarantaros destroyed. Upon acceptance, he will provide transport to Tarantaros’ Nest through a secret passage.

o You will be warped to Tararantos's nest. Defeat Tararantos to access the 3rd floor. (please note that there's a respawn duration after the boss died)

o F2 Quest Finished. You will be able to enter F3 of Blue Eye Dungeon.

3rd Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon Quest

o Enter the 3rd floor of Blue Eye Dungeon. Find [NPC] A Stone Wall. Talk to the NPC in order to access Temple of Jikael, place where Jikael is.

o Go to Temple of Jikael gate. Enter the room, then defeat [Boss] Lucifer.

o After Lucifer died, it will transform into [Boss] Jikael. Defeat Jikael.

o Blue Eye Dungeon Quest finished. (please note that Jikael respawns only after weekly/emergency maintenance from server done)

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