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There are eight classes to choose from when creating a character. Each class is allowed to learn different class spells, and has a different growth rate for their characteristics. See damage table for their strengths and weaknesses.

Beginner Knight Warrior Priest Mage Craftsman Jester Hunter Cook
Beginner Image.gif Beginner
Uses a Rolled-up Newspaper as their starting weapon. This class can be played if one wants to try out the Combo system in Seal Online first. After Level 10, the Beginner can choose to take Job Quests to change to one of the below classes. If one continues to play the Beginner class, the Administrator also gives rewards for playing this hard class.
Warrior Image.gif Warrior
Uses Two Handed Sword as their weapon, their striking power and attack speed are higher than Knight. Easiest to level early on in the game. Warrior specialises in the combo technique. Their statistics are primarily strength (STR) and agility (AGI).

Primary Stats: Strength, Agility

Knight Image.gif Knight
Uses One Hand Sword as their weapon. They have the highest defensive power among all the classes. However, they will not be able to level as fast as the Warrior at lower Levels. But later on in the game, Knight will level easier. Their statistics are primarily strength (STR) and agile (AGI).

Primary Stats: Strength, Agility

Mage Image.gif Mage
Uses Staff as their weapon. The Mage mainly has 2 different element of magic attacks - Fire & Ice. Their only weakness lies in their low defensive power and vitality (HP). Their statistics are primarily intelligence (INT) and wisdom (WIS).

Primary Stats: Intelligence, Wisdom

Priest Image.gif Priest (Cleric)
Uses Mace as their weapon. The Priest can either become a support player or choose the Battle Priest route. Priest's buffs become stronger with increment in Magic Power. Their statistics are primarily intelligence (INT), strength (STR) and wisdom (WIS).

Primary Stats: Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom

Jester Image.gif Jester (Clown)
Uses Dagger as their weapon. Jester uses ranged attacks and they have spells to boost their attack speed. The Jester can use Darts and Cards to throw at monsters. However, they are not cheap. It is unadvisable for a new player to start off as a Jester. Their statistics are primarily intelligence (INT), strength (STR) and agility (AGI).

Primary Stats: Intelligence, Strength, Agility

Craftsman Image.gif Craftsman
Uses Hammer as their weapon. Craftsman can attack and have crafting skills. However, they have accuracy penalty. It might be hard for a craftsman to level up without the help of a Priest. Their statistics are primarily strength (STR) and luck (LUK).

Primary Stats: Strength, Luck

Hunter image.jpg Hunter
Uses slingshot as their weapon. The Hunter is the 7th addition to the classes that make up Seal Online: Eternal Destiny.

Primary Stats: Strength, Intelligence, Agility

Cooks.jpg Cook
Known as Gourment, uses spoon as their weapon. The Gourment is the 8th addition to the classes that make up Seal Online: Blades of Destiny. This novel class has support as its main characteristic.

Primary Stats: Strength.

Class comparison

Class Solo Support Range Evasion Attack Power
Beginner Image.gifBeginner Extremely Difficult after level 250 None None Low Low
Warrior Image.gifWarrior Because of the high attack power and high combos warriors can be considered the best at soloing. Can Cast Enrage and Party Enrage None Average Highest Attack power damage
Knight Image.gifKnight The Knight's AoE, high damaging skills, and high defense make it the tank in SealOnline. Can provide better protection to the weaker party members None Average Good
Mage Image.gifMage High damage output, good for soloing, but low defense. Capable of kiting. The higher magic power from mage, will increase mage party buff to priests buff The Best Low Highest Attack power damage if the "element" factor is used appropriately.
Priest Image.gifPriest (Cleric) Average difficulty depends on the character build. Refer to the class guides for more information. With buffs and healing priest are the best support class in the game. No range attacks only heals. Average depends on the character build. Refer to the class guides for more information. Average depends on the character build. Refer to the class guides for more information.
Jester Image.gifJester (Clown) Jesters tend to do faster damage but can get pricey with the higher level skill "Throw Anything". Capable of kiting. Can cast Urge and Party Urge. Good Second only to Hunter. With high criticals jester has a chance of doing higher damage at a faster rate. However, higher damage = more expensive.
Craftsman Image.gifCraftsman Average difficulty; can solo fine, but may have trouble with low accuracy. None, can craft items. Can Throw Bombs, But it's Self-injuring with Weak damage dealt Good High damage but Low Attack Speed and Accuracy, Higher level attack skills are weaker than most classes.

Hunter image.jpg


Difficulty depends on the build; full STR solo hunters will have difficulty hunting without a Priest; AoE hunters can hunt mobs effectively, especially at higher levels, but needs high EVA and/or DEF and HP. Capable of kiting.

Bait Toss and Ensnare. Good Highest evasion growth of all the classes. STR-orientated hunters have one of the highest damage output amongst the other classes; INT-orientated hunters have average damage, but affects an area.