Couple Store


What is Couple Store?

Couple Store was added to Seal Online Blades of Destiny on August 22 2017, Version 232. This replaces the old couple system illustrated in Couples. All roses and unclaimed rewards accumulated prior to the update are deleted (Claimed rewards such as the Couple Set, Wedding Set, and Bouquet do not disappear) and NPC River does not give roses anymore.

So how does this work?


Couples gain Couple Points and these are converted into Roses. Note that this is a not an actual item as the item was removed from the game. Couple Points are gained every 20 minutes that the couple is online. Also, both players have to be online to both gain Couple Points and access the Couple Store. The image above is a short guide on the Couple Store.

How many roses can you get from 1 point?

Pointtable1to177 Pointtable178to251

As illustrated in the tables, these are the conversions from 1 point to roses. The minimum amount of roses is 1 per rose while the maximum is 3 per rose. If the conversion results into a decimal, it either gets rounded up or down.

If decimal is $ < 0.5 $, it gets rounded down. If decimal is $ \geq 0.5 $, it gets rounded up.

Therefore, the optimal way to convert points into roses is to convert points AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM to make use of the rounding up of roses.

Let x be the Player Level. if $ 125 \leq x < 177 $, roses get rounded up. if $ 217 \leq x < 251 $, roses get rounded up. At any other level, roses get rounded down, or no rounding occurs.

What if you have multiple points?

Good question! The game does not allow to convert points individually to prevent players from maximizing the rounding up of roses. For example, I have a character who's level is 200. According to the table, I gain 2.27 roses per point. If I have 1 point and want to convert it, I will gain 2 roses as it is rounded down. If I have 50 points and want to convert them, I will gain $ 50 * 2.27 = 113.5 \approx 114 $ as it is rounded up.

Couple Store Items

Here are some notable Items. (This is not a complete list yet since there is quite a lot.) Some of these are items that cannot be normally obtained without buying RPs (Rohan Points) or buying from other players.

Legendary Shop

Item Effect Duration Cost
Golden Chest Requires Golden Chest Key to open N/A 35 Roses
Permanent Bank Expansion Ticket +80 Bank Slots N/A 4500 Roses

Exp & Drop

Item Effect Duration Cost
Word of Blessing (Gold) +100% EXP 1 Day 45 Roses
Pouch of Blessing (Gold) +100% Drop Rate 1 Day 45 Roses
Double Pleasure +50% EXP 1 Day 180 Roses


Item Effect Duration Cost
Remote Shop Access Vendor NPC Anywhere N/A 8 Roses
Shiltz Bank Membership Card Access Bank Anywhere N/A 30 Roses
Large Megaphone Broadcast Message Everywhere N/A 8 Roses


Item Effect Duration Cost
Game Master's Piya-gra Pet Food N/A 35 Roses
Pet Sushi Pet Hunger Stops 3 Hours 75 Roses
B.P Gold Word +100% Battle Pet EXP 7 Day 90 Roses
B.P Revive Revive Dead Battle Pet N/A 60 Roses
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