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***Please note that the Couples System has changed since patch version 232 (August 22 2017). This page is now inaccurate. Please refer to Couple Store for more information.***

This page will be archived for reference/historical purposes, some information here remain quite accurate though, and will be marked in bold.


Relationships in Seal Online can only be between one male and female character; no two characters of the same sex may be in a relationship, and a character can only be in one relationship at a time. Obviously, the player behind the screen need not match the character's sex, as all that matters is the character. Relationships are character-based, rather than account-based, so one account with multiple characters can have each character in his or her own relationship. However, only one character on an account can be active at any one time, so two characters on the same account cannot have a relationship. It's possible to bypass this with a second account, though, and even form a relationship between two of your own characters.

Heart Icon

Heart icon

Heart icon represent your couple presence. If it red like the picture it means that your couple is playing, if it grey your couple is not log-in. If the heart icon shine it means you can call your couple to your location; simply click the icon to call your couple and the message (with appereance of love message) will sent to your couple.

Days and Rewards

Every 20 minutes counts as 1 "relationship day." Both players must be online for at least 24 minutes for it to be counted. Neither character has to be active, and both players can simply go AFK and still have the time counted. A couple will receive items as a reward for staying together for a certain number of days. You can retrieve your reward talking to NPC River in Elim's Church. The rewards are not permanently attached to your character and may be sold.

Couple Rewards

Relationship Days Actual Time (D:H:M) Reward Reward item
22 days 0:07:20 5 Roses Rose.jpg
50 days 0:16:40 10 Roses + 10 fireworks Rose.jpg+ Fireworks
100 days 1:09:20 15 Roses + 50 Fireworks Rose.jpg+ Fireworks
500 days 6:22:40 150 Roses Rose.jpg
1,000 days 13:21:20 200 Roses + Bouquet Rose.jpg+Bouquet.jpg
2,000 days 27:18:40 Couple's Hat + Couple Shoes + 400 Roses Copel H.jpg +Copel S 2.jpg+Rose.jpg
4,000 days 41:16:00 Couple's Clothes + Bottom + 800 Roses Copel T.jpg+Copel B.jpg +Rose.jpg
7,000 days 97:05:20 Wedding Shoes + 1200 Roses Wedding Shoes.gif+Rose.jpg
11,000 days 152:18:40 Wedding Hat + 1600 Roses Wed H.jpg +Rose.jpg
16,000 days 222:05:20 Wedding Skirt + 2000 Roses Wedding Suit(B).gif +Rose.jpg
22,000 days 305:13:20 Wedding Clothes + 2400 Roses Wedding Suit(T).gif +Rose.jpg

Wedding and Couple Set Look

This is what the Female Couple Set looks like:
This is what the Female Wedding set looks like: (note this is +6)

Couple Seat

To do a couple seat go sleeping near each other and you and your couple character will automatically sit on the couple seat

Relationship Days Couple Seat
0 days Couple1.jpg
100 days Couple 3A.jpg
500 days
Screenshot 10.png
1000 days Couple3.jpg
2000 days Couple4.jpg
4000 days Couple5.jpg
7000 days Couple6.jpg
11,000 days Couple7.jpg
16,000 days Couple8.jpg
22,000 days -

Breaking Up

Breaking off a relationship will cost the character who does the dumping. The money taken will be given to the character who was dumped. The cost of breaking up rises with the amount of days a couple has been together. It costs 1,000 per day: 3,000 days together will mean it costs 3 million to break up. Breaking up may be done while the other character is offline, and he or she will still receive the money taken from the dumper.

Loving Yourself

One way to "exploit" the relationship system is to create two accounts, with one character of each sex on them. Put them into a relationship, and then have the unimportant one fish all of his or her life or remain similarly unattended. This can be done by using either two computers or multiple clients. This method will net you two times the rewards, although it may prove to be far more boring than having someone you can at least chat (if not party) with on the other end, and may raise some complaints of "cheating" from players who find the method cheap or dishonourable.