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Emoticon.gif Emoticon Skill

By using the Emoticon function, you can express your emotions to other players through a bubble caption shown on top of your head.

You need to learn this skill from NPC Beggar. Using this skill, we are able to express our emotions to our friends nearby.

Minimum requirement : Character level 6; Sleep level 1.

These are the basic Emotions in Seal Online.

Emoticon Skill.png

To use these emotions without openning that window all you have to type is /hahaha For the First Emoticon (Top Left)

/T.T for the Second Emoticon (The one right of First one, The Crying Face)

/## for the third Emoticon .. and so on.

This is just a simple guide on how to use Emoticon by typing in game.

Also, for the last emoticon which is used by couples next to each other, an arrow will shoot from one player to Another Player's Heart. In other words, One Player will shoot an arrow, the other player will get shot by the arrow.

Icon Command Verbal
Icon Command Verbal
Hahaha.gif /haha !.gif /!
T.T.gif /T.T or /cry ?.gif /?
Angry.gif /## Lala (emoticon).gif /lala
104.gif / 104 Sweat.gif /sweat
105.gif / faint Ah.gif /ah
Grin.gif /grin Heart.gif /heart
107.gif /-_- Brokenheart.gif /brokenheart
Yawn.gif /yawn Couple.gif /couple
Scissors.gif /scissors Attack .gif /attack
Rock (Emote).gif /rock Block.gif /block
203.gif /203 Runaway.gif /runaway
D.gif /d Gogo.gif /gogo
O.gif /o Wait.gif /wait
X.gif /x Helpme.gif /helpme

Note: You can also macro these emotions as shown below

Macro Example.gif