|style="text-align:center;"| Grandma Flora's Gossip Quest ||style="text-align:center;"| Flora ||style="text-align:center;"| 50 x5 ||style="text-align:center;"| 20 x5 ||style="text-align:center;"| 10 x5 ||style="text-align:left;"|

Start NPC:

Flora - Lime


Lvl. 1
Fame: < 2410

Quests Needed:

None Needed

Repeatable: No

Exp: 50 x5
Fame: 20 x5
Cegel: 10 x5

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None



  1. Talk to Flora.
  2. Walk over to Kant (librarian of Lime) to borrow the following books:
    • Tales of Fairies
    • Genesis of Shiltz
    • Wizard Erasnets
    • The tale of the Elim1
    • The tale of the Elim2
  1. Return to Flora.
  2. Repeat this until all the books are read.
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