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This guide contains my personal experience about warriors. This is not the 'right' or 'correct' way to play warrior, but this is another way to play warrior.

This guide are recommended for NEW player due to the reason being this build is cost efficient compared to slasher warrior. You can save up alot of money while playing combo warrior.

In this guide you will utilize the combo system as your main source of damage so everything that are recommended in this guide will be revolved around doing combo.


Straight forward class and easy to learn

No need to stock up on mana potions so you can save money for equips or gems to upgrade your equips(saves you ALOT of money)

Ability to solo even after level 130 due to high damage

Fun to do combo unlike pressing one 'slashing' ability to do damage (Although you can learn the skill later on, after 120 or so)


Deal less damage than 'slasher' warrior

No skills to support party although you can get Party Enrage skill, but i do not recommend it.

Might get boring for some players doing combo all the time (This guide recommend that you don't learn any of the attacking skills eg. Quick Slash, Spinning Slash)

Can't type during combo

Points Allocation:

Put point in Strength (STR) as much as possible and leave Agility (AGI) just enough for equips. Stop when your Agility reaches 73.

Alternate method : Every time you level up you can put 2 points on Strength and 1 on Agility and stop putting point on agility at 73.

73 Agility is enough for you not to miss an attack even after level 130


Master Great Sword Combo (Level 5)

Reason: this will be the main skill that you will be utilizing as damage in this game so it is ideal if you learn how to do the 12-hit combo.

I recommend you to check out the combo page which is : Combos

Master Concentration (Level 5)

Reason: since the higher this sill is the faster XP(combo) bar fills up. You will want to max it so you can keep doing combo.

Learn Intimidation and level it up to 3 and leave it.

Reason: Level 3 Intimidation is needed to learn Enrage

At level 35 you can learn Enrage. Skill it up every time you can.

Reason: This skill increase your damage significantly. When used you will notice the difference when you are buffed or not.

Optional: Acceleration gives you the ability to travel real fast around the maps since when you max it. It gives a total of 40 movement speed. I personally love this skill although you can invest the skill point else where.

At level 70 you will be able to learn Great Sword Combo 2. To learn this skill you will need to do a quest which is done by:

1. Talk to Warrior Instructor in Lime and ask him to learn Great Sword Combo 2 but he will tell you that he is not able to teach it to you

2. Travel to Zaid and find [NPC] Aaron, He will ask you to fight his pet, a level 72 Bubble dragon. (if you are can't kill it straight away you might want to level to around 80-85 and return to do the quest)

3.After you defeat Bubble Dragon, Talk to [NPC] Aaron and he will teach the skill to you.

Max Great Sword Combo 2 as soon as possible to unlock the 21-hit combo as well as ability to learn Combo Training

Reason: this is an amazing skill that will increase your damage by a huge amount if you learn the 21-hit combo

When you reach level 90, you will be able to learn Combo Training. You also need Book of Elim - Combo Training to learn the skill, you can also buy it from players not more than 1 Million cagel. Max the skill as soon as possible.

Reason: This skill increase the damage you do during the combo significantly it will show up as the purple damage number when you do your combo. It increases the damage by so much so it is a very valuable skill.

Leveling & Gearing:

While you are leveling you will also want to be hunting for equips you need to not waste time. Whenever you find an equipment that you can't use, keep it and sell them for money. Never ever leave them on the ground. You can also buy top and bottom armor from the weapon shop if you need to.

I recommend gearing to have the highest attack speed as possible although you may go damage if you wish.

For gems like Crystal and Ruby, try to keep them for later stage in the game where you will need them to upgrade your weapon, you can also choose to sell them for potion money.

Keep in mind that you don't need to follow exact things that this guide say so please feel free to do whatever you like!

Lastly, try to kill everything in your path just to increase exp gain!

1-10: Piya, Treasure Chest, Moo Moo

Start off in Lime and travel to the West potal to Forest of Silon.

- Kill some Piya and Treasure Chest to get to level 5 or so

- Kill Moo Moo to level 10

10-20: Red Plumber Notable Equipments: Bat Guy Mask, Cotton Tunic(T).G

You will want to kill Red Plumber and find Bat Guy Mask. This will be one of your main head gear even after level 130. Try to find few Bat Guy Mask and get Attack speed option. Atleast +4 attack speed are ideal. You can even spend time finding a good Bat Guy Mask until 30, it is up to you. You can also find Cotton Tunic(T).G from Red Plumber.

20-35: Happy Bah Bah, Windy, Gloomy Humbug Notable Equipments: Bat's Wings, Great Iron Sword.G, Tempest

Travel to north of Lime and kill Happy Bah Bah for Bat's Wings. You also might aim for attack speed option for these since you will use them until level 50 or so. You can obtain Great Iron Sword.G from Windy and Tempest from Gloomy Humbug. You may also enter Crude Dungeon 1F early if you want to.

35-50: Pumpkeener, Traveling Cat in Boots, Crow (Monster), Tarantula Ben, Tarantula Queen Notable Equipments: Two-handed Magnum, Militia Uniform(T).G, Dusk Great Sword, Crimson Bastard

If you want a new weapon travel into Crude Dungeon to find Two-Handed Magnum from Pumpkeener. You may also travel to Midstream of Mimir River to hunt for Militia Uniform.G which are dropped from Crow. You can stick around that map until 50 since Ruby drops are pretty decent on the map (no guarantee though). If you want a higher level sword, Dusk Great Sword, you can also kill Tarantula Ben in Crude Dungeon. Last option is to hunt for Crimson Bastard which are dropped by Tarantula Queen, it is better than Dusk Great Sword because it gives huge amount of attack speed of 30.

50-70: Scorpy, (Giant) Red Plumber, (Naive) Succubus Notable Equipments: Burning Tail, Loobie's Squidguard, Martial Arts Uniform(T), Wings of Succubus

From level 50 to 60 you can hunt Scorpy for Burning Tail and some level. Burning tail is a good replacement for Bat's Wings until you get Wings of Succubus. After 60 you might want to travel to East of Sealed Island to hunt for Martial Arts Uniform(T) from (Giant) Red Plumber. The reason why I put Loobie's Squidguard is because it sells for a really high price (125,000 Cagel!) to NPC. You will also want to Hunt for Wings of Succubus which are dropped from (Naive) Succubus. It gives really good amount of attack speed. At this point you have a choice between using Burning tail for Damage or Wings of Succubus for Attack speed. As i said before I personally enjoy having more attack speed, but in the end it is up to you.

70-80: (Land Type) High Nixie, Sergeant Scorpy, (Violent) Sandy Windy Notable Equipments: Durandal.G, King Scorpion's Tail, Clothes of Warlord(B)

Once you are done hunting for Wings of Succubus you may enter West of Sealed Island. (Land Type) High Nixie drops Durandal.G which is a great item to get since it gives pretty good attack speed. After you are done with High Nixie, you can hunt for King Scorpion's Tail if you want damage instead of attack speed. Sandy Windy also drops Clothes of Warlord(B) as well as "A piece of necklace" for a quest to get Clothes of Warlord(T) which is obtained from Shiltz Guide Eugene.

80-95: Solar (Monster), (Fanatic) High Nixie, Bubble Dragon, Ravaged Worm-O, Crack Crab Notable Equipments: Soulless Sword, Tsunami Great Sword, Scuba Fins, Royal Sword, Fishbone Blade

Once you hit 80 you may want to be hunting on Glasis Plains, this place has a lot of weapon drop for your class. Firstly I recommend Tsunami Great Sword over Soulless Sword due to the amount of attack speed that it gives also higher critical rate which is always nice to get on during your combo. Soulless sword are obtained from Solar and Tsunami Great Sword are from (Fanatic) High Nixie, After you have got the weapon you like you will want to hunt for Scuba Fins, you will be using these "shoes" until levell 130+ due to the amount of attack speed and movement speed it gives, I highly recommend them.They take a while to drop so you will need patience, but it's all depend on luck (It took me 9 hours to get them but that's just my luck). After you have got Scuba Fins you can hunt for Royal Sword which gives a high amount of attack speed, it is a well-rounded sword that gives really good stats in general. If you want you can stick around this area and kill crack crab till 100 or so for Fishbone Blade.

95-155 Rainbow Zone Notable Equipments: Black Wings of Gariel, Taegeuk Great Sword, Clothes of No Limit(T)

From here you need to do pre-quest to enter Rainbow zone (Dungeon Crud). You need to do a total of 4 quest Start of Main Quest, Whereabouts of Bale Quest, Sage Herkaus Quest, Beggar's Lesson Quest.

During your Beggar's Lesson Quest you will need to collect 20 of each elements from each zone(7 Zones). You also need 20 of the first zone to unlock the next zone. For example you need to obtain 20 Darkness Element to unlock Fire zone. You can choose to buy 20 of each element from players to unlock and complete the quest early. It will also take you awhile to finish the whole quest without buying the elements so you can go somewhere else instead if you get want to change the atmosphere.

Inside Rainbow Zone you can get a few items to include into your equipments. You will be able to find Black Wings of Gariel from Gariel from the first zone(Black Orb zone). You can also hunt for a level 101 sword, Taegeuk Great Sword which are dropped from Devil Cow. When you reach Yellow Iron Zone you can hunt for Clothes of No Limit(T) to be used with other No Limit Gear.

110-125: Mariel, Holy Cow Notable Equipments: Wings of Mariel, Headband of No Limit, Diabolus Great Sword

When you reach level 100 you can travel to Forest of Cross to hunt for Wings of Mariel to replace your previous wings. These wings are good in general due to the reason being that all-rounded stats it gives. Attack speed, accuracy, critical, and defense. If you do find level 126 Mariel, kill it and hope that it drops Headband of No Limit. It is a head piece to one of the few good item set for warriors. Later on you can also hunt a level 125 sword, Diabolus Great Sword, which are dropped by Holy Cow.

130-140 Legion, Crook Pedron, Hell Dog, Macho Zombie, Mad Warrior Of Doom Notable Equipments: Diabolus Great Sword, Zweihander, Clothes of No Limit(B), Crimsonite, Shoes of No Limit

If you have got Diabolus Great Sword already then you may skip killing Legion. In Catacomb 1F you will be able to get many equipment including the rest of your No Limit gears(bottom and shoes). Firstly you can find Zweihander, a level 128 great sword, they are dropped from Crook Pedron. After you have found your Zweihander you may hunt for Clothes of No Limit which are dropped from Hell Dog and also to finish off your No Limit set you will want to travel down to Catacomb 2F to kill Mad Warrior of Doom and you should be able to get your last piece of No Limit set, Shoes of No Limit. You will also be able to get Crimsonite, a level 140 great sword which are dropped from Macho Zombie.

Guide to be continue...

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This guide was last updated on 29/9/2014

Created by: Raiko