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SPECIAL NOTE: Please do realize that after this quest you will only have 200 money. That is no were near the amount you need for a first character, so I would highly suggest to only use this method on a 2nd char.
Credits go to Sephyroth

Alternative Start

Twist to the beginning of lvl1-10 guide

This is a way to get to adel monastery without involving any money, all you need are feet XDD

ok when you create a character choose beginner and then choose to be first spawned in beginner village. When you get there go find the npc guy with a sign in front of him. The talking box will pop up, choose you want to become a class/or change class (i think its the second last one or last one). Now choose jester and you will be transported to madelin. When you get to madelin go to the east portal and go out, you will then enter this valley like place. Keep walking straight up and you will get to adel monastery. after go talk to the nurse to save your point, and talk to the horseman to record your teleporting point.

credit: Diabola

Based on Naut's(Vega's), and Xenoraax's 10 in 10 guide