Manual for Natural Stone

Manual for Natural Stone
Purchase Price: 10000s Sale Price: 10000s
Obtained by:

FWWI: Kinbara, Holy Cow

FSLD: Cave Ogre, Marionette

WWIS: Sphin-x-cor, Macho Zombie

LLDD: Bubble Dragon, Black Wood

Use: To create a Natural Stone
Description: Manual to mix up power of natural stone
Used for Quest:
Notes: There are 4 kinds of manuals, a specific monster drops one specific manual, not randomly.

All these manuals have the same appearance.

Every manual requires 4 elemental gems and 1 diamond:

FWWI: Fire + Water + Wood + Iron + Diamond
FSLD:  Fire + Soil + Light + Dark + Diamond
WWIS: Water + Wood + Iron + Soil + Diamond
LLDD:  Light + Light + Dark + Dark + Diamond

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