Seal Online Wiki

All Monsters Equipments Drop Database are now based on Seal Online Blades of Destiny Official Website.
Note : All items pages are not fixed yet, I just changed the monster pages. I will work on the items pages ASAP.
So if you want to search for a item, search from monster which level is the same like the item, then use search from your browser.
For example : How to find Eagle Hunter in wikia (since the item pages are not fixed yet)
1. You need to know what level is the equipment. (in this case 128)
2. Look the monster list that around the same level with the equipment (in this case is 121-135)
3. Press ctrl + f then type the name of the item. If you found something then it will directed to which monster drop that. (in this case Mighty Soul Collector)
This is the list of Armor Set or Weapon that I've checked for both Monster and Item Pages(if some missing that means, we didn't know the location of the item):
Jester Armor
Hunter Weapon
Gunner Weapon
Archer Weapon
Warrior Weapon
Beginner Weapon
All Class Weapon
Mage Weapon (Thx to Flushcore)