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Monster Survival Monster Survival located on Unison Server Square (D3)
Can only be enter per character every 24hours.
At 10am Server Time, all records will be reset.
Monster Survival depends on the character level, if you low level, the monster is easy to kill (easier if below level 100)

How to Enter

1. Form a party (2 - 6 people)
2. The party leader need to talk to Owner of Monster Survival and choose option #3
3. Then the rest of the member should talk to Owner of Monster Survival and choose option #3 also, as soon as the party leader go in. The party leader need to wait to all members to be in, if not then the member who are not in yet, they can't enter monster survival.


1. There are 20 Rounds, and there is a bonus point if you kill an amount of monster as shown as the right bar.
2. All monster level are 300, and mark as Berserker
3. Every 5 rounds, there is one boss.
4. Monster will drop items and gems(such as Crystal, Ruby but it's very rare). The items are monster survival items only(including Monster Survival Golden Chest)
5. After beat them all, or you die in the rounds. You will get monster survival points (it's written cegels, but this is different the cegels!). You need to spend all the points else it will disappear.


You can either choose to buy Monster Survival Items (choose Trade)
or you can exchange points into exp (choose Talk)

Monster Survival Items

There are several items from Monster Survival.
Sword of Luinel Manual -> 20.000 Points
Shield of Lionel Manual -> 20.000 Points
Hardest Rock -> 45.000 Points
Craftsman's Abrasive -> 75.000 Points
Adamantium -> 180.000 Points
Heart of Knight -> 300.000 Points
Hunter's Silver Coin -> 200.000 Points
Hunter's Gold Coin -> 2.200.000 Points
Blue Hunter Capsule -> 2.500.000 Points
Red Hunter Capsule -> 3.500.000 Points
Monster Survival Golden Chest -> 8.000.000 Points

Owner of Monster Survival Quest

Gather 80 Hardest Rocks and 20 Adamantiums to get 1 Empowered Orichalcum

Artisan Juno Quest

Get 1 Empowered Orichalcum and talk to Artisan Juno to get 1 Incompleted Sword

*Note: As of the Sept 2016 update, the Incompleted Sword has been renamed into Dullahan's Sword

Master of Production Uncle Joe

There are 2 items you can get from Manual that you can find in Monster Survival.

First is Sword of Destruction, Lionel. Here is how to make it:

  • Gather these items :
1 Sword of Luinel Manual
1 Incompleted Sword
180 Hardest Rock
108 Craftsman's Abrasive
65 Adamantium
39 Heart of Knight
1 Empowered Orichalcum

Second is Shield of Luinel. Here is how to make it:

  • Gather these items :
1 Shield of Lionel Manual
1 Incompleted Sword
110 Hardest Rock
66 Craftsman's Abrasive
40 Adamantium
24 Heart of Knight
1 Empowered Orichalcum
  • Put Sword of Lionel Manual
  • Put all items according to the pictures
  • Put supporting items (see table on this to know the point). I sggest Pink Diamond since it's cheap and pretty good supporting items.
  • There is a change to get either Shield of Luinel or Incompleted Sword