An NPC or Non-Player Character is a character in the game who is not an avatar for a human being, but is coded into the game for a variety of purposes: initiating or advancing a quest, buying or selling items, offering an exchange, or simply engaging the player in a bit of amusing or informative dialog.

After the 2nd wings update, they have made Changes to the NPC's so that their names are over their heads when they are in view.

Description Locations
Administrator This NPC will give you several primary missions and secondary missions. Lime, Elim, Madelin, Zaid
Taylor He is Second Class Exam NPC. Elim
Hair Designer This NPC has ability to change your character's hair. Lime and Zaid
Marco the Appraiser This fellow man can appraise your items, with a little tips for him too. Lime, Elim, Madelin and Zaid
Maya the Pet Expert She can appraise any sort of pet egg. Elim
Street Merchant This young woman is selling daily stuffs, such as potion for HP and AP. Lime, Elim, Zaid, Madelin
Silon Militia, Laywook Forest,
Land's End, Outer Wall of Lime.
Novice Item Merchant This young boy is selling equipments that are needed for beginners. Lime and Elim
Beggar This old man will teach beginners most of the basic skills. Town Newbies, Elim, Lime, Zaid and Silon Militia
Nurse This cute girl will save your revival point when you die. Elim, Lime, Zaid
Crude Mountain Range
Silon Militia, Herkaus Forest
Land's End, Adel Monastery
Quest Center Manager This cute little girl will give you quests. See also: Highest Lvl Quest Manager Elim, Lime and Zaid
Wagon Driver This man will help you to go to anywhere you want, but there's small fee for him to help you. Elim, Lime, Zaid
Silon Militia, Adel Monastery
Jewelery Merchant This man is an experienced jeweler Elim, Lime, Zaid
Refer-a-Friend Will give you some items for Friendship Coupons (obtained by inviting a friend and the friend leveling up to a certain level)


For a list of NPCs see Category:NPC.

Town Newbies NPC

Elim NPC


Lime NPC

Zaid NPC

Madelin NPC

World NPC

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