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New Player? Don't worry. Follow this New Guide for Training Zone
For those who didn't know if you are in Unison Server, you can PM to another player from another server type this

The ONLY FACEBOOK is Seal Online or Homepage Seal Online PlayRohan. And also if you didn't know the search function on the market, check it here. This will help you to search item that people sell in their kiosk.
To be updated Sage Tower, Sikara. I will update based on a trusted source I know

One more thing : Do not SPAM! I will never tolerate SPAM or VANDALISM! I will block whoever did that. Please register first before updating wikia, and be reasonable if you want to update something. Especially Drop, if you really get that item that are not in Wikia yet, please send me the proof that you got that item from that monster. If there is no proof, I will block you also.