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Pets in Seal Online float around the player in-game, but they aren't there just for looks. Pets are equipped and give additional stats according to a Pet's type. A pet's type is determined when they are evolved and can be some-what predicted by the items given used to evolve it when the pet reaches Level 9 with 100%. Pets have 7 stages of evolution.
The important things about evolving a pet : There is no 100% chance in doing evolution for pet. Even from Stage 1 to Stage 2 you can fail, if you got WRONG ITEMS that don't based from PET TRAINER HINT. The items that listed in Seal Online Wikia is ONLY a recommendation from fellow players. So there is NO GUARANTEE AT ALL that with certain items, you can have 100% success rate or turn into rare pets. All rare pets are PURE LUCK, I've tested that for A LOT OF TIMES. I use the same items, yet only a few turn into rare pets. Once again there is NO GUARANTEE!!!! If you fail to evolve into stage 6 each pet type, you need to feed your pet again to 100%.

Pets gain experience points by feeding them food when they are hungry and gain even more experience from giving them the food they wish for. Feeding them is also required to keep the pet alive, but "playing" with the pet is a temporary measure that can be used when feeding the pet is not an option.

Notes :

  • Higher Level of pets require higher reputation in order to be equipped, and may also require rarer items to evolve.
  • The Pet Trainer 's Tip is the most important issue in evolution. To see the hint ,remove your pet and leave it in the inventory, then talk to the Animal Trainer in the Item Shop . Select option # 6 ( You'll get tips on ingredients for evolution and can choose the class of your pet ) .
  • If you have a colored pet, pet trainer will not give you the hint. You can use the tip of normal pets as the same .
  • Some believe that the order of items in the evolution box affects the percentage of success. Which I think , in my personal opinion , it is true .
  • The first recipe in Wikia, is the most suggested for evolution, since more player claim it has better rate of success.

Pet Eggs

There are various forms of pets, each that come from 7 different eggs. These 7 are the Seed Egg, Piya Egg, Bird Egg, Heaven Egg, Black Dragon Egg, Tailed Wisp and Mandra Seed . Heaven Egg, Black Dragon Egg, Tailed Wisp and Mandra Seed are being the rarest egg due to the fact it is only attainable from events. The rarer the pet, the more expensive it is to maintain due to the fact it can be difficult to feed it what it wants, thus the pet levels at a slower rate. (except for Heaven Egg, which has only a level higher in term of difficulty to feed than seed)

The seed egg is the best to start out with because it requires the least amount of fame, it requires the least amount of experience points to level, and the items to used to feed and evolve the seed pet type are the easiest to obtain. Later, one can move their way up to the better eggs that lead to better pets. Also note that pets do not belong to one player, they can be traded, sold, or dropped.

You can carry more then one pet in your inventory but only one can be equipped at a time. Also note that if you have a pet equipped and desire to unequip it, do so with careful thought. Once unequipped and re-equipped, a pet will lose its current exp.

(Example: A pet is lvl 5 with 46% exp, unequipping and re-equipping would bring the pet down to lvl 5 0% exp).

Note: When pet becomes level 9 with 100% experience, you must take it to a pet trainer to evolve it to the next evolution. Talk to her to learn the evolving hints or read the individual pet profiles to know what items are needed to evolved them.


You can get a Seed+4(no option) from a quest.
Otherwise, you can get pets from monster drops or events.

PhotoPet eggs Pet typeDropped By
Seed Egg Seed Seed Mushroom Boy , Worm-O , Rascal Rabbit , Servant Mushroom , Moo Moo the Great , Queen Mushroom , Magician Piya , Cleric Piya , Knight Piya , Stiff Horse , Stiff Horse
Piya Egg Piya Piya Silky Joe the Boxer , Warrior Piya , Nixie , Happy Bah Bah , Joe the Kick Boxer , (Skilled) Mage Piya , (Skilled) Cleric Piya , (Influential) Knight Piya , Baby Bear , Gloomy Humbug , Glora , Flora
Bird Egg Bird Bird Golden Plumber , Pumpisto , Steel Golem , Scorpy , Conceited Ostrich , Super Steel Golem , Cave Ogre , (Giant) Red Plumber , Saloa , Computer Freak , Cool Boy , (Naive) Incubus , Aleph , (Land Type) High Nixie , High Nixie , Kinbara , Gun , Sergeant Scorpy , Succubus
Heaven Egg Heaven Sky Event Only, Golden Chest
Green seed Green Seed Seed Mushroom Boy , Worm-O , Rascal Rabbit , Servant Mushroom , Moo Moo the Great , Magician Piya , Stiff Horse
Pink piya egg Pink Piya Egg Piya

Warrior Piya , (Skilled) Cleric Piya , Mama Bear , Crow , Silky Joe the Boxer , Happy Bah Bah

Pink bird egg Pink Bird Bird Aleph , High Nixie
Black heaven egg Abysmal Egg Sky Event, Golden Chest
Black Dragon Egg Black Dragon Egg Dragon Event, Golden Chest
Tailed Wisp Tailed Wisp Sami Event, Golden Chest
Mandra Seed
Mandra Seed Mand Event, Golden Chest


If you want to identify your unappraised pet, you must look for Maya the Pet Expert to appraise it, not the Marco.

Dmg Mag Def Cri Acc Eva HP AP Aspd Mspd Offensive
20 8 8% 12 4%
15 6 6% 9 3%
10 4 4% 6 2%
5 2 2% 3 1%
0 0 0 0 0
-5 -2 -2% -3 -1%
-10 -4 -4% -6 -2%
-15 -6 -6% -9 -3%

Access Bank via Pet

When your pet is 4th stage or higher or have a pet with storage ability, you will be able to access your bank from any field except for towns by only having your pet equipped.

In order to use your bank while out on the field, open your skills menu and click on the Inventory Icon.

  • It will cost you 5000 cegels to gain access to your bank.
  • you may only Deposit items into your bank and withdraw Money, not withdraw items.
  • All 4th stage or higher pets have the ability to allow you to access your bank while in the field.
  • You cannot use the pet bank while on a pet mount.


Note : In the villages/towns or while fishing, pets will not grow, die, or get hungry, nor can you feed your pet while in villages/towns.

When hungry, clicking your pet image on the bottom right will bring up a small chat bubble asking for food and also tell you what food it wants to eat. Although you may not have the food it wants, you can still feed it what ever you wish. Or you can play with it. However, its starving bar gauge will only increase a little.

The starving bar gauge indicates its hunger level. When the bar starts to deplete, it means your pet is slowly becoming hungry. You can start to feed it when your pet starts to talk to you. If that bar is totally empty, its exp will decrease and the starving bar gauge will become full again. When the pet is below 2% exp and displays a soul rising from it, if its starving bar gauge is depleted, it will die/run away.

Petfeeding example Note: Pets become hungry when their hunger meter is below 66%.

Pets attain experience points when you feed them items. The more expensive the item, the more experience it will gain.

Note: Even though you can temporarily keep the pet from going hungry by playing with it, it will not advance in experience.

Once in the feed pet menu you feed it by dragging and dropping the food into the empty slot and press Feed (orange button). You can also play with your pet from this menu by pressing the play button (yellow button). This menu also displays a pet's status, (exp and level) at the top of the menu. You can right-click the pet image on the bottom right corner any time to look at its status.

EXP Table

To see how much EXP is needed for the next level, first check the EXP group it belongs to:

Pet type
Pet stage
Seed Heaven Egg Piya & Premium Pet Bird Egg
Stage 1 A B C D
Stage 2 B C D E
Stage 3 C D E F
Stage 4 D E F G
Stage 5 E F G H

Then , from the EXP group level along with the level (+0 to +9), you can check how much exp you need:

Normal Pets:

Pet Lv A B C D E F G H
+0 to +1 30 60 120 240 480 960 1920 3840
+1 to +2 33 66 132 264 528 1056 2112 4224
+2 to +3 36 72 144 288 576 1152 2304 4608
+3 to +4 39 78 156 312 624 1248 2496 4992 (1.08% per rose)
+4 to +5 42 84 168 336 672 1344 2688 5376 (0.93% per rose)
+5 to +6 45 90 180 360 720 1440 2880 5760 (0.86% per rose)
+6 to +7 48 96 192 384 768 1536 3072 6144 (0.81% per rose)
+7 to +8 51 102 204 408 816 1632 3264 6528 (0.76% per rose)
+8 to +9 54 108 216 432 864 1728 3456 6912 (0.72% per rose)
+9 to 100% 57 114 228 456 912 1824 3648 7296 (0.68% per rose)
Total 435 870 1800 3480 6960 13920 27840 55680

Coloured Pets:

Pet Lv A B C D E F G H
+0 to +1 40 70 140 270 530 1060 2120 4230
+1 to +2 43 76 152 294 578 1156 2312 4614
+2 to +3 46 82 164 318 626 1252 2504 4998
+3 to +4 49 88 176 342 674 1348 2696 5382
+4 to +5 52 94 198 366 722 1444 2888 5766
+5 to +6 55 100 210 390 770 1540 3080 6150
+6 to +7 58 106 222 414 818 1636 3272 6534
+7 to +8 61 112 234 438 866 1732 3464 6918
+8 to +9 64 118 246 462 914 1828 3656 7302
+9 to 100% 67 124 258 486 962 1924 3848 7686
Total 535 970 2000 3780 7460 14920 29840 59580

When pets are leveled up, the excess exp will NOT rollover to the next level. However 3 points of EXP is given each time it evolves or levels up.

EXP gain

Here are the algorithms of pet exp for each type of feed, all below algorithms results are rounded down, thus 0.999 is still counted as 0:

Items (Including potions) :
  • Selling price is less than 15 (1 - 14) → exp = 1
  • Selling price (sp) is less than 80 (15 - 79) → exp = sp/15 +1
  • Selling price (sp) is 80 or more (80++) → exp = sp/20 +2

e.g. An item with selling price 45 will give the pet 4 exp, while an item with selling price 190 would give 11.

1st Job Equipments (Weapons, armors, & accessory) :
  • Selling price (sp) at +0 of the equipment → exp = sp/1500 +3

e.g An equipment worth 5000 would give 7 exp to the pet.
-tips: little example about what is explained above, try buying a dusk shield from the Gypsy Merchant <Kt-Mg> and feed it to your pet. you'll be amazed with the growth. (try this, seed pet will add 97% growth for one dusk shield)

2nd Job Equipments:

There is no fixed formula, every jobs has its unique formula.

The best Equipments so far are top armors of Berserker and Swordmaster, better than all other jobs including Cooks.

Special Foods :
Image Name Item EXP Gain
Jester Darts Darts 6
Jester Cards Cards 7
Elements Elements 13
Dynamite Dynamite 27
Strawberry Strawberry 30
Rose (Item) Rose 45
Growth Booster Growth Booster 50
Grape Grape 60
Royal Baby Formula Royal Baby Formula 70
Banana Banana 80
Luxurious Baby Food Luxurious Baby Food 100
Tomato Tomato 110
Watermelon Watermelon 120
Piya-gra Piya-gra 150
Golden Sword&#039;s Suit(T) Golden Sword's Suit(T) 180
Piya-gra Game Master's Piya-gra 2000

Using Rusty Gear as pet food(Normal Pets):

Probably Rusty Gear one of the best item that can be used as pet food. This is the list how many Rusty Gears need for each class(Normal Pet)

Group Rusty Gears required (rounded up) Feeding Time +9 0% - 100%
A 36 1 Hrs 48 Minutes No Need
B 70 3 Hrs 30 Minutes No Need
C 135 6 Hrs 45 Minutes No Need
D 270 13 Hrs 30 Minutes 1 Hr 45 Minutes (35 Rusty Gears)
E 538 1 Day 2 Hrs 54 Minutes 3 Hrs 30 Minutes (70 Rusty Gears)
F 1073 2 Days 5 Hrs 48 Minutes 7 Hrs 3 Minutes (141 Rusty Gears)
G 2113 4 Days 9 Hrs 39 Minutes 13 Hrs 54 Minutes (278 Rusty Gears)
H to be filled to be filled to be filled

Using Rusty Gear as pet food(Coloured Pets):

Probably Rusty Gear one of the best item that can be used as pet food. This is the list how many Rusty Gears need for each class(Coloured Pet)

Group Rusty Gears required (rounded up) Feeding Time +9 0% - 100%
A 47 2 Hrs 21 Minutes No Need
B 80 4 Hrs No Need
C 158 7 Hrs 54 Minutes No Need
D 303 15 Hrs 9 Minutes 2 Hrs (40 Rusty Gears)
E to be filled to be filled to be filled

Battle Pet

There are 4 kinds of Battle Pets:

Dark Spirit
Light Spirit
Fire Spirit
Water Spirit

See also Battle Pet and Battle Pets

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