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Raid is a new feature on Seal Online Eternal Destiny. Raid allows people on Bereth Server and Ramos Server to unite their power to destroy evil monster. Raid can only be found at Unison Server. You can transfer to the Unison Server by using the Door of Dimension, located in the center of Elim.

After you beat the monster you will get a locked box. As far as I know there are 4 different types of Box. Silver Box, Plain Box, Flimsy Box and Worn Box. The quality of the items for Silver Box is the best of all boxes. Remember if you got Plain Box, it's possible to get item from Worn Box, but it's not possible to get item from Plain Box, if you got Worn Box.

You can get the key from Master Keymaster Keyro, which located near the entrance of Unison Market

You can do Raid only 3x times a day. So if you already did Rascal Rabbit Raid, you can't do any other raid

To enter Raid you need a group. There are some different types of Raid divided by level.

1. Rascal Rabbit Raid (Level 10-60)

2. Soul Collector MK Raid (Level 10-105)

3. Three Piglets Raid (Level 10-155)

4. Gnome Raid (Level 10-205)

5. Guardian of Pilar Raid (Level 10-251)

6. Scariel Raid (Level 10-251)

7. Black Dragon Raid

And each of this Raid have also difficulity level A, B, C.

A = 30 Members (Maximum)

B = 12 Members (Maximum)

C = 6 Members (Maximum)

Why people do Raid? Because Monster from Raid have special items, and others awesome items als their drops.

For example : Bat Guy Mask G can be dropped from Soul Collector MK Raid, Coloured Bat Guy Mask can be dropped from Gnome Raid and Soul Collector MK Raid. Meanwhile Angel Link can be dropped from Rascal Rabbit Raid.

Note : Click on each raid to show the possible items to get. Raid database is now finished(thx to Jacky Lee ) and for the Scariel Raid Starenstein Haruu