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|style="text-align:center;"| Record of Duran Quest ||style="text-align:center;"| Berner ||style="text-align:center;"| 1,450 x4 + 5,000 ||style="text-align:center;"| 30 x4 + 50 ||style="text-align:center;"| ||style="text-align:left;"|

Start NPC:

Berner - Silon Militia


Lvl. 30+

Quests Needed:
Repeatable: Not Repeatable

Exp: 1,450 x4 + 5,000
Fame: 30 x4 + 50

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None



  • Carry a 40oz. Herbal Wine (you can buy it from the Vodka NPC in Silon Militia) and talk to Berner.
  • He gives you the task of finding out Duran's story from the people in Silon Militia.
  • After that, talk to Elston.
Elston's Story.png
Blood Stain.png
  • Talk to Sohn.
  • Return to Berner.
  • Talk to Graham.
  • Talk to Collins and ask for the Field Trip Document.
  • Return to Graham.
  • Return to Sohn and talk to him again.
  • Enter Silon-Aleph Dungeon (Don't forget to do Silon Militia Pass Quest first to be able to enter Silon-Aleph Dungeon). Talk to the Dark Hair Kid, and return to Berner.
  • After you did the quest from Boy's Request Quest, do Field Trip Document Quest(Remember, you can only do this quest under level 40).
  • Talk to Graham again(remember to make sure that you have the Field Trip Document in your hand), choose option number 1, about Duran, then he'll ask you if you're a poet. After you will get Chief of Silon Militia's Story.png
  • After you've done all the step above, go back to talk to Berner again
  • Submit Graham's story, then choose the option that say "you don't have anymore information to find". And after that he'll give you the reward.(note: usually after you choose "you don't have anymore information to find" Berner not give you the reward instead told you to get more information.)