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Evolution Info

Certain pets provides stats that will help certain class more than the others. Choose wisely and click on the links on this chart to look at the pet information before choosing which pet to get. Some of them are simple and named after the class they would be most helpful to, for example Warrior Moo Moo.

Evolution ingredients are only suggestions. Take note that the order of materials placed are important. The evolution ingredients do not guarantee success evolution. Every evolution has a chance to fail.

Notes :

  • Pet Trainer Hint is the most important thing in evolution. To see the hint, equip the pet or put in the inventory, then talk to Pet Trainer in Item Shop. Choose option #6 (You obtain hints for the evolution ingredients, and choose the class of your pet
  • If you have colored pet, pet trainer won't give you the hint. you can use the hint from the normal pet, it's the same
  • The weapons only aquired from drops, it seems that they have to be appraised before using as evolution-items.

Click on the below chart to find out the evolution ingredients for each different pet.

Seed Evolution Chart

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rare Rare 6th Rare Very Rare 7th Rare Very Rare
Seed Bud Junior Moo Moo King Moo Moo Moo Moo the Great (Pet) or (Influential)Warrior Moo Moo or Male Dryad ¬ Royal Emperor King MooMoo
Pretty Moo Moo Beautiful Moo Moo or (Influential)Warrior Moo Moo or Male Dryad Beauty Queen MooMoo
Warrior Moo Moo (Influential)Warrior Moo Moo or Male Dryad or Fly Male Dryad Little Prince MooMoo.gif Battlefield Ruler MooMoo
Green Pumpkin Pumpkin Head Huge Pumpkin Head or Male Dryad Halloween (Pet).gif Gentle Pumpisto
Amber Jurassic Mosquito in Amber or Male Dryad Rich Bean.gif or Fairy Dryad (Blue).gif or Fairy Dryad (Blue).gif 700 Million Year Old Mosquito or Forest Spirit Dryad or Fly Forest Spirit Dryad
Pumpkin Pumpisto (Pet) or Male Dryad or Fly Male Dryad Sergeant Beanie.gif or Fairy Dryad (Pink).gif or Fairy Dryad (Pink).gif Busking Pumpkin Head or Flower Spirit Dryad or Fly Flower Spirit Dryad
Shuck Beanie (Pet) French Beanie or (Influential)Warrior Beanie or Female Dryad Sun Flower (Pet).gif Princess White Rose
Pretty Beanie Beautiful Beanie or (Influential)Warrior Beanie or Female Dryad Black Rose (Pet).gif Sun King Solar
Warrior Beanie (Influential)Warrior Beanie or Female Dryad or Fly Female Dryad Myung Dong Beanie
Flower Bud Sun Flower Solar (Pet) or Female Dryad Boutique Beanie
Rose (Pet) White Rose or Female Dryad or Fly Female Dryad Drill Sergeant Beanie

*Note : all 5th stage can evolution to 6th stage (reference Seal Wiki China).

see also Green Seed Egg