Sevis is a mystical town of faeries and nature. Most beautiful and high-level city in the game. Come here for the highest level quest center, and endgame grinding.

Terrain Grassy, Bridge Network Description Highest level city. Warp using /sevis
Classes None Recommended Lv. 120+
Warp Areas East:Southern Red Soil
South:Northern Poibus
Buildings Quest Center, Ranch, Tower of Training, Pet Shop, Bank, Item Shop, Tavern, Red Cross HQ, Sevis Elder's House, Sevis Tower

Main Buildings

Sevis Quest Center Quest Center
Speak to the Highest Level Quest Manager to receive quests.
Ranch Ranch
Come see Dean's Ranch. Also you can meet Jimmy, Sistine and Gunrett here.
Sevis Tower of Training Tower of TrainingThere's only a Beggar and Street Merchant here. Pet Shop Pet Shop
You can find the Pet Trainer and some of her marvelous pets on display. Also meet Novice Item Manager to buy any advanced item.
Bank of Sevis Bank

May learn the bank skill as well as deposit items and money. You must not forget this pin code or else it will be extremely difficult to get it back.

Sevis Street Merchant Street Merchant

Low level items can be bought here.

Sevis Tavern Tavern

Speak to Wid to buy any low level food and water for HP and MP recovery. Also you can meet Sabin and Arquette not far from Tavern.

Red Cross HQ Red Cross HQ
At this time the road is blocked off to this building. Maybe it's under construction?
Sevis Elder's House Sevis Elder's House
Home of the Elder in Sevis.
Sevis Tower Sevis Tower
At this time nothing is known about this mysterious building.