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Seal Online World or Shiltz is laying till end of the world . With 4 major cities, Lime, Elim, Zaid and Madelin, players can buy all the necessary items starting from armour, weapons, foods and other items. If players want to change job to become Magician or Knight, they should come to Elim. For Warrior or Craftsman, they should come to Lime. Madelin is the only city that players able to change job to be a Jester. Besides for changing job and buying items, players also can find other NPCs to help them while at the town.

{{{title}}} Areas
Cities: Elim | Lime | Zaid | Madelin | Sevis
Towns: Silon Militia | Adel Monastery | Town Newbies
Bullet.png Upstream of Mimir River Bullet.png Travia Valley Bullet.png Upstream of Glasis River Bullet.png Forest of Silon
Bullet.png Outer Wall of Lime Bullet.png Crude Mountain Range Bullet.png Adel Monastery Bullet.png Midstream of Mimir River
Bullet.png East of Laywook Forest Bullet.png West of Laywook Forest Bullet.png Lands End Bullet.png Forest of Herkaus
Bullet.png Mount Travia Bullet.png Lake Cross Bullet.png Glasis Plains Bullet.png Downstream of Glasis River
Bullet.png Forest of Cross Bullet.png Western Red Soil Bullet.png Eastern Red Soil Bullet.png Mt. Poibus
Bullet.png Southern Poibus

Bullet.png Stravia Valley

Bullet.png Crude Dungeon 1F , 2F , Lava Stream Bullet.png Clements Mine 1F , 2F Bullet.png Silon-Aleph Dungeon
Bullet.png Aleph Dungeon 1F , 2F Bullet.png Catacombs 1F , 2F , 3F , 4F Bullet.png Nerais
Bullet.png East of Sealed Island Bullet.png West of Sealed Island Bullet.png Sealed Island Cave
Bullet.png Esdelon Dungeon Bullet.png Dungeon of Death Bullet.png Ice Castle
Seven Element Zone
Bullet.png Black Orb Zone Bullet.png White Spirit Zone Bullet.png Red Fire Zone Bullet.png Blue Water Zone
Bullet.png Brown Soil Zone Bullet.png Yellow Iron Zone Bullet.png Green Wood Zone

{{{title}}} Teleport

Note: The command is not case sensitive! (except Lands End - /To end of land(followed by a space)

Teleport Command Fame Requirement Lvl Requirement Fees(Cegel) Warp location
/Elim 30 2,000 Administrator
/Lime 30 2,000 Near Marco
/Zaid 30 2,000 Administrator
/Madelin 30 2,000 Administrator
/Crude Mountain Range 8,806 35 30,000 C4
/Silon Forest 8,806 35 30,000 Silon Militia
/Outer wall of Lime 8,806 35 30,000
/Midstream of Mimir River 8,806 35 30,000
/Upperstream of Mimir River 8,806 35 30,000
/Laywook Forest West 8,806 45 65,000 Hill top in Gypsy Village
/Adel Monastery 8,806 35 30,000
/Travia Valley 8,806 35 30,000 Gypsy merchant
/Upperstream of Glasis River 8,806 35 30,000
/Laywook Forest East 14,019 45 30,000
/Travia Mountain 14,019 45 50,000 Near to Conceited Ostrich
/To End of Land** 38,866 55 100,000 Teleports to Gardel
**Add a space after the last word.
/Cross Lake 38,866 60 100,000 Near warp P.S. The map name is different from the command.
/Glasis Plains 51,595 70 150,000 Pathway near Solar
/Herkaus Forest 38,866 70 150,000 Near Herkaus
/Downstream of Glasis River 67,506 80 200,000 Near the warp to Glasis Plains
/Cross Forest <60,000 90 250,000 Near the warp to Downstream of Glasis River
/Sevis 143,332 130 450,000
/East Of Red Soil 143,332 130 450,000
/West of Red Soil 143,332 130 450,000
/South of Poibus 230,735 150 550,000
/Sikara Valley 68,000 150 550,000