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About Stats

  • Left Column:
    • Point [that are used to distribute to the stats]
    • STR [Attack]
    • AGI [Attack, Critical, Accuracy, HP Recovery Rate]
    • INT [Magic]
    • VIT [HP, Defense]
    • WIS [AP, AP Recovery Rate]
    • LUK [Evasion Rate]
  • Going down the right column:
    • Damage [Physical Attack]
    • Magic Power [Magical Attack]
    • Defense [Physical and Magical Defense]
    • Accuracy [Hit rate on Physical and Magical Attack]
    • Evasion Rate [Avoidance in taking hits]
    • Attack Speed [Decreased delay between attacks]
    • Critical [Rate of landing critical hits]
    • Movement Speed [Move faster]

Helpful Notes[1][2]

  • NOTHING in the left column can be raised with equipment, only with certain pets or with stat points. The left column shows a measure of how many stat points you have placed in each stat. Everything starts at 5.
  • At character creation, you get 5 points.
    • Note: ESO allows creation of classes right from the start.
    • You should be careful of adding stats later if you did not choose Beginner class to start with.
    • Stats will not be reset if you pick any class other than Beginner at character creation.
  • You get 3 stat points and 3 skill points per level up.
  • Attack speed and movement speed cannot be raised by any of the stats on the left.
  • Attack speed comes from some of the weapons you use, as well as certain accessories, armors, and pets. Certain items may also be identified to have attack speed options.
  • Movement speed comes from extremely rare shoes. Some accessories may also be identified to have small amounts of movement speed in them. You can also move faster by riding pet mounts, but these are only available with mount scrolls and a stage 5 pet.
  • AGI encompasses attack, accuracy, HP recovery rate, and critical.
  • Accuracy is your hit rate on physical attacks and magic attacks.
  • Mages don't need AGI because they naturally get 2 growth points into accuracy each level.
  • There is no magic defense.
  • LUK does NOT increase the chances of success in crafting/refining.
  • With infinite defense, monsters will always hit you for their level divided by 5. Ex: Level 105 monster will hit you for 21 even with 9999999 defense.
  • 2nd job skill point is called Enforced Point (EP), you gain 3 EPs per level
  • A great stats simulator (in Indonesian) click here


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