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Tailed Wisp

Evolution Info

Tailed Wisp are one of the rarest pet to have. They are only gained through events. Evolution ingredients are only suggestions. Take note that the order of materials placed are important. The evolution ingredients do not guarantee success evolution. Every evolution has a chance to fail. Click on the below chart to find out the evolution ingredients for each different pet.

Notes :

  • Pet Trainer Hint is the most important thing in evolution. To see the hint, equip the pet or put in the inventory, then talk to Pet Trainer in Item Shop. Choose option #6 (You obtain hints for the evolution ingredients, and choose the class of your pet
  • If you have colored pet, pet trainer won't give you the hint. you can use the hint from the normal pet, it's the same
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rare 6th Rare 7th Rare
Tailed Wisp Burning Wisp Charming Fox Gallant Fox Kitsune or Fly Kitsune Ghost Fireworks Kitsune or Fox Fireworks Kitsune Popstar Kitsune (Attack) or Fly Moonlight Angel (Attack)
Crimson Fire Kitsune Popstar Kitsune (Magic) or Fly Moonlight Angel (Magic)
Popstar Kitsune (Hybrid) or Fly Moonlight Angel (Hybrid)

Evolution items will be updated soon.