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This page contains most if not all the standards for creating and editing WikiBox pages. This page assumes a basic knowledge of wiki editing. For a list of existing templates and documentation, see Special:Allpages/Template:.

Table of Contents

  • When there are more than 4 headings in a page, the table of contents is generated automatically. To avoid having the table of contents due to appearance or etc, insert the below near the top of your document:
  • If you have less than four headings but want to show the table of contents anyway, insert the following where you want the table of contents to appear:

File names

Page names

  • Naming of pages and files must be Exact.
    • Changes in capitalization causes new pages to be created.
    • Use the exact same spelling that you see in game. If unsure about the spelling, raise it up in the SealBox forums or the discussion page.

Image names

  • Naming of images should be Exact.
  • If uploading an image for description, try to name the picture close to the topic name.
  • If you receive an error that the file already exists, then it already exists. Rename your image or bring it to the discussion page of that image if you think your image is better or more appropriate.
  • Use lowercase letters for file extensions. E.g. PNG -> xxx.png , JPEG -> xxx.jpg , GIF -> xxx.gif
  • For item images -> .gif images should be transparent and close to 30x30 px or 32x32 px.


  • Categories make it easier to find items by name in alphabetical order or by other means of sorting. When making or editing a page that obviously falls into a particular category, be sure to include the appropriate categories at the bottom of the page.
  • For a complete list of categories, see Special:Categories.
    • To place a page in a Category. Code is placed at the bottom of the editing log. "X" is the Category destination.

For All Pages

  • Deletion:Use the below for any pages that you feel should be deleted from Wikibox.
  • Stub:Any pages that are incomplete or lacks information can be categorized as a stub to allow others to know this page needs attention.
  • Jso:This should be inserted into any pages that are directly translated from other Seal Online versions without double-checking the spellings and accuracy of the information.

Page Type Standards


Templates that need Deletion