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I have no experience on Malkuth server, which doesn't mean some of this information isn't useful, just some of it might not apply quite as well as others.


The following is a chart of the Average Stats for the 12 biggest weapons for each class, The redder the farther it is below the Average Class, The Bluer the farther it is above the Average Class.

Class Damage* Atk Speed Accuracy Critical
Craftsman +306.92 -4.42 -9.42 +13.75
Warrior +322.92 +17.75 +16.67 +10.17
Knight +258.17 +17.50 +15.33 +11.00
Jester +240.33 Att.
+151.67 M.Att.
+27.92 +7.92 +5.25
Mage +148.67 Att.
+325.75 M.Att.
+15.83 +15.42 +7.50
Priest +251.17 Att.
+251.17 M.Att.
+16.67 +16.67 +14.08
Average Class +284.21 +15.21 +10.43 +10.29

(* For calculations I simply took whichever, Attack or Magic Attack was higher, and used that for the Calculations of Average Damage.)

As you can notice thanks to their weapon a Craftsman's Average Accuracy and Attack Speed is around 20 stat points worse than the average person. Which when it boils down to it, means even if you get ultimate attack speed on all your equipment you're going to be nothing more than around an average speed compared to a character of another class, so personally I don't even bother trying. Attack speed isn't even that useful to a Craftsman since you're main goal should be taking things down with one big smash, too many things are pointing you towards placing critical as your primary statistic to worry about making sure attack speed is anymore than average.

You're big attacks have too much cool down to be effective at a higher speed, as it stands you've got to cycle between 2 of them as it is just to keep yourself using skills rather than normal hits, Cool down times stays constant regardless of your attack speed,
You've got like the only skills that actually uses your critical, and the normal attack ratings aren't that good on the moves, you need to critical them just to keep up with the other classes
You're weapons average critical is one of the highest out of the classes
You've got the only selfbuff that raises critical rate in the game as far as I know

Craftsman have the 2nd best Defense and 2nd best physical Attack power, which makes it fairly decent to solo until you reach the really big levels but at that point it's not too easy to solo with any class. There's really only 2 types of builds for craftsman one is to maximize your Strength as much as possible and the other is to maximize your Strength even more by not bothering to learn enough luck to use any real Crafting Skills.


In general a Craftsman's skills are broken into 2 categories, Battle skills and Production skills. The Battle skills are incredibly easy to learn, cost less Skill Points than any other classes skills and all master on level 5 whereas most of the other classes attacks require a lot more levels before mastering. The production skills cost a lot of skill points other than Cooking, making it difficult to specialize in more than 2-3 production skills unless you're a very high level. It takes 33.3 levels worth of Skill points to master any single real crafting type skill, or you could learn all the Craftsman Battle skills in roughly the same amount of levels worth of Skill points. Which makes the battle skills so cheap there really isn't a reason not to learn them other than to make it more difficult on yourself to level.

All Craftsman even if you're a Crafting Craftsman should learn the attacking skills, There's no deviation, no I only want to learn Fire or Ice, I only want to kill a single thing real good or kill a lot of things at once, No I want to do more ranged damage or more close combat, it's just pure unadulterated Craftsman Killing Skills that All Craftsman should learn to make leveling easier on themselves.

Good Skills

Deadly Blow/Deadly Smash/Demolition

For the most part the first level of the bigger move is as good as the mastered level of the previous skill except costs nearly half as much AP to use.

Deadly Blow gives a very large boost to Accuracy and deals 720% Damage when Mastered but Can't Critical.
Deadly Smash gives still give less Accuracy Boost and deals 900% Damage Mastered, but can actually critical.
Demolition gives no noticeable Accuracy Boost and deals 1100% Damage Mastered and Criticals alot.

Deadly Smash and Demolition are 2 of the only Skills for any class that can actually critical. So at first glance it looks like other classes skills are stronger but factoring in Criticals(Double Damage) the 2200% damage is a fairly good move if you can critical it consistently.


Self Buff that adds 4 Critical for each level of Crush(+20 Critical when Mastered).

Area Destruction

The only Craftsman Skill other than Bomb Throw that damages more than one target. Does 800% damage when mastered which is moderately good as far as Area of Affect Attacks are compared to other classes. The affected area isn't really big, in fact it's extremely small especially in the lower levels of the skill. Being the only real multiple target skill for Craftsman makes it good to know but not really an absolute necessity since it can't Critical.


Extremely cheap to learn as far as Skill points go, plus extremely handy and time saving when looking to collect certain materials. The NPC Marco knows Appraisal level 3, which means he can only appraise equipment up to level 90, anything higher than that you're going to have to learn the skill or find a craftsman that knows it. You can Appraise up to level 250 Equipment when you Master Appraisal which is weird because at the moment the maximum you can pick up are level 180's Equipment. Also, it's good to note that the Appraiser always gets the Appraisal fee, which basically equates to appraising your own items for free, and getting a small bit of profit for appraising for other players.

Weapon/Armour/Accessory Making

The main problem is it costs several million cegel to make anything at 100% success rate, so most production manuals aren't worth even attempting unless it requires only really abundant materials and you try to make several at low success rate and hope one works. Certain items like Burning Tails and Titan Claws are some of the few manuals that actually make something that justifies creating at 100% success rate. Things like Chaos Weapon manuals are also good, they've got a fairly high success rate, fairly easy to gather materials and roughly 25% of possible weapons are above level 100, so there's a moderately fair chance of getting lucky with making a larger weapon.

Weapon/Armour/Accessory Refining

Main Problem is to do any refining the item has to be +7 or higher, requires a lot more materials both normal materials and Support Slot items than actually creating any item, and also costs a lot more cegel to attempt to use a scroll, for example if memory serves me right it's like 100k to use the Titan Claw manual but 2.2m to use a G(8) manual on a Titan Claw. If the refine fails the item disappears, so it's not very feasible to make it on the cheap and hope you get lucky like some of the production manuals, basically because losing a +7 Anything is a lot of wasted money.

Bad Skills

Hammer Combo

The first level is free to learn(requires no Skill Points) but I still advise against it. Typically Craftsman won't have enough Attack Speed or Accuracy to justify using Combos instead of One Hit Smashes.

Bomb Throw

Quite definitely the absolute worst attack move in the entire game.

Deals only barely more damage than a normal hit(160% damage when mastered)
Distance you can throw varies with the type of bomb you're using but the distance is extremely small for even the best bombs
Requires you to make Bombs in order to use the skill, which requires a lot of Luck to make the Good Bombs(Grenades)
Self Damages for quite a bit, every time you throw bomb whether it lands or not

Over all it's just a bad bad move to learn. I don't know of a single person to have made Dynamite yet, especially not on Tipareth server, since it requires an outragious amount of luck to even attempt.


Let's you Melt +5 or Larger Equipment in hopes of making a Rune Stone. Extremely useless because it requires you to destroy large equipment in order to get an item that isn't really that sought after, plus there's an NPC in Zaid that will let you do it without actually needing to learn the skill. I'm not entirely knowledgeable on the subject though since I've never tried it yet. To my estimates I believe Craftsman melting might be better than the NPC since I think craftsman can add various Coals to help the melting process, which I don't think you can with the NPC. Basically you put the item you want to melt in the slot and it tells you the percentages of each type of Rune.

Guardian Production/Disintegrate Item/Compound Atom/Spirit Abstraction

Are all nothing more than Place Holding Skills right now. They aren't implemented yet, they just look pretty for things that one day Craftsman might actually get to do. So there's really no reason to learn any of them.

Shock Treatment

It's a passive skill that other than make a funny noise and animation it's difficult at times to see what it really does. The description says it makes your enemies immobile, but I'm not entirely sure what that means since when shock treatment happens enemies still continue to use their attacks without a pause, plus affected enemies still continue to walk at you, so immobile apparently doesn't mean 'stop moving'. I'm sure it does something, but it's difficult to put your finger on it.

Cooking/Gourmet Cooking

Basically let's you create food or potions that you could just simply buy from an NPC. It's very difficult to even create that food or Potion for less than it costs to buy it. The only good part is it can make a few items like Bear's Gal that are fairly rare and not sold by any NPC. Gourmet is like normal cooking but it takes a food or potion and improves it to give slightly better healing and a faster cool down time so you can swallow them nearly instantly, but still not an entirely useful skill, since it requires a lot more effort and ingredients than normal cooking.


You can make Bombs or Pet Transformation Items. Problem is it requires a lot of luck in order to make anything good, Bombs are fairly worthless and Pet Transforming items are the only equipable item that wears out. The durability isn't really good, low level pet items last for about 10-15 minutes, which nobody is willing to pay anything substantial for. Even the Best items only last for about 1-1.5 hours, and at this moment there isn't an active craftsman on the entire server with enough luck to use the highest level Pet Manuals.


These are simply suggestions, you may want to do things differently, like go crazy for attack speed. In general I value bonus Evasion as barely more useful than Magic Power, Since if you're a real crafting Craftsman you're going to get fairly good evasion anyway thanks to all of your luck.


Number 1 thing to look for is High Critical. Number 2 thing attack power. Number 3 think attack speed.

In the lower levels you have a lot better Accuracy on the weapons you can't buy from NPC's, so if you can get them you're a lot better off using things like Toy Hammers, Ladles and Screwdrivers than Gear and Bolt Hammers. For most weapons above level 50 have very similar Accuracies so it's not really worth worrying about it.


Look for one that has High Critical or High Damage. Or secondarily settle for one with high Movement or Attack Speed


Look For Critical on Appraisals, nothing else really matters much, since the most it can have is 5 of any stat.

Accessories like Titan Claws are almost built for Craftsman due to their high attack boost and base critical of 20. Titan Claw is better on a Craftsman than probably any other class.

Hats, Top, Bottom

Look for high Bonus Defense, secondarily a little attack speed is also good.

Certain pieces of armour are very rare, for example an Expert Top and an Architect Bottom, so unless you're willing to pay far more for it than it's worth just skip them.


I look for Movement above all else, Craftsman are one of the few classes that can't self buff their movement speed. Because of that movement on shoes, which is where you can get it the easiest is far more valuable on a Craftsman's shoes than on an other Classes shoes.

Shoes in general don't have a lot of defense, and improving them to even +6 doesn't really add that much extra defense, so getting one with added defense is good also if you can't find one with movement.

Attack Speed is also ok if you can find it, but not as much as Movement and Defense.


In general everyone is crazy for Attack Speed, if you find anything with a decent attack speed you can probably get more for it than something with excellent critical or even excellent defense.

There's a lot of items that are entirely useless if they were no Craftsman, for example Manuals. Most manuals are worthless, I wouldn't recommend paying too much for any of them. There's too much cost that goes into using a manual that most other classes aren't even aware of. My philosophy is to simply not buy manuals, because it's very difficult to not lose money making an item at 100% success rate. So don't bother making anything or refining anything that isn't for something you want and plan on using for a long long time.

I hate middle men so I'm not going to suggest buying and reselling gems to make a quick profit, mainly because I hate people that drive the price of things up and on Tipareth server there's so few people you're not going to be able to resell at much of a higher price really quickly. Personally I don't buy or sell any gems, I use too many on improving my equipment to sell to other people and I'm far too poor to be able to go and buy a pile of them if I need them quickly since normally there aren't that many on the market at a given time anyway. Rubies are like candy it makes you feel special if you have a lot of them in your pocket but when you start to use/need them you can go through more than you thought you'd ever need in an instance.