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Training Zone is an awesome feature that teach a new player how to play Seal Online Eternal Destiny. This is located in the Town of Newbies.


There are 3 level in the training zone. You need to finish it in order from #1 to #3
1. Beginner
2. Intermediate
3. Advanced
Click on each to view the details on each level.

How to Enter

1. Go to Town of Newbies. You can go to there by directly choose Town of Newbies after creating a character or you can use the wagon driver from Lime and choose the first option.
2. Talk to Shiltz Guide Eugene and choose option I want to enter the tutorial zone

Tutorial Zone Guide 01.jpg

3. You will get The Tutorial Zone Admission Ticket

Tutorial Zone Guide 02.jpg

4. After that go to portal, behind Shiltz Guide Eugene and choose Yes

Tutorial Zone Guide 03.jpg

Tutorial Zone Guide 04.jpg

How to Exit

To exit, you just need to go [Warp] To Beginner Area.

Tutorial Zone Exit.jpg

Finished and Unfinished Quest Sign

If your quest can be finished, there will be a sign above [NPC] Tutorial Guide a Yellow Question Mark

Finished Tutorial Zone Quest.jpg

If your quest not yet finished,there will be a sign above [NPC] Tutorial Guide a Gray Question Mark

Unfinished Tutorial Zone Quest.jpg