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No. Bale (Monster) Item Produced Req. Item Materials Stat Requirement Success Rate Slot Money Exp
1 Rush







{{{title}}}x20 {{{title}}}x30
{{{title}}}x10 {{{title}}}x10
LV : 10

STR : 27
LUK : 15
Skill Lv : 1

30% 2 200 Cegel 1,200
2 Tofu
{{{title}}}x30 {{{title}}}x20
{{{title}}}x15 {{{title}}}x10
LV : 20

STR : 47
LUK : 25
Skill Lv : 2

50% 3 400 Cegel ??

For my reference

Korean Costume

Correct Names of Armor

Clothes of Warlord(T) Martial Arts Shoes Dullahan's Head

Priest Armor


Mage Armor

Equip.Shop in Elim(Mg)

Cotton Cap Cotton Tunic(T) Cotton Tunic(B) Cotton Loafers
Enchanted Cotton Hat Enchanted Cotton Tunic(T) Enchanted Cotton Tunic(B) Enchanted Cotton Shoes
Magic Leather Hat Magic Leather Clothes(T) Magic Leather Clothes(B) Magic Leather Shoes
Conjurers Hat Conjurers Robe(T) Conjurers Robe(B) Conjurers Shoes
Viridian Hat Viridian Tunic(T) Viridian Tunic(B) Viridian Shoes
Mulberry Ribbon Mulberry Clothes(T) Mulberry Clothes(B) Mulberry Shoes
Rune Hat Rune Suit(T) Rune Suit(B) Rune Shoes
Mana Hat Mana Suit(T) Mana Suit(B) Mana Shoes
Anima Hat Anima Suit(T) Anima Suit(B) Anima Shoes
Hat of Sorcery Sorcery Suit(T) Sorcery Suit(B) Sorcery Shoes
Headgear of Arcanum Arcanum Suit(T) Arcanum Suit(B) Arcanum Shoes
Vancian Hat Vancian Suit(T) Vancian Suit(B) Vancian Shoes
Headgear of Elemental Elemental Suit(T) Elemental Suit(B) Elemental Shoes

Knight Armor

Equip.Shop in Elim(Kt)

Wooden Helmet Knight's Leather Armor(T) Knight's Leather Armor(B) Knight's Leather Boots Wooden Shield
Steel Plated Helm Steel Plated Armor(T) Steel Plated Armor(B) Steel Plated Boots Steel Plated Shield
Aviator's Helm Aviator's Armor(T) Aviator's Armor(B) Aviator's Boots Winged Shield
Metal Alloy Helmet Metal Alloy Armor(T) Metal Alloy Armor(B) Metal Alloy Boots Schweinfurt
Magnum Helm Magnum Armor(T) Magnum Armor(B) Magnum Boots Magnum Shield
Dusk Helmet Dusk Armor(T) Dusk Armor(B) Dusk Boots Dusk Shield
Helm of Starlight Armor of Starlight(T) Armor of Starlight(B) Boots of Starlight Shooting Star
Lunar Shadow Helmet Lunar Shadow Armor(T) Lunar Shadow Armor(B) Lunar Shadow Boots Crescent Moon
Helm of Daylight Armor of Daylight(T) Armor of Daylight(B) Boots of Daylight Sunlight Shield
Helmet of Astraeus Suit of Astraeus(T) Suit of Astraeus(B) Boots of Astraeus Shield of the Eastern Star
Abysmal Helmet Abysmal Armor(T) Abysmal Armor(B) Abysmal Boots Midnight Shield
Helmet of Dawn Armor of Dawn(T) Armor of Dawn(B) Boots of Dawn Shield of Dawn

Jester Armor
Hat of Quickness Suit of Quickness(T) Suit of Quickness(B) Shoes of Quickness
Hood of Disguise Suit of Disguise(T) Suit of Disguise(B) Shoes of Disguise
Puppet Hat Puppet Suit(T) Puppet Suit(B) Puppet Shoes
Hat of Laughter Suit of Laughter(T) Suit of Laughter(B) Shoes of Laughter
Wanderer's Hat Wanderer's Suit(T) Wanderer's Suit(B) Wanderer's Shoes
Hat of Talent Suit of Talent(T) Suit of Talent(B) Shoes of Talent
Dancing Hat Dancing Suit(T) Dancing Suit(B) Dancing Shoes
Laureate's Hat Laureate's Suit(T) Laureate's Suit(B) Laureate's Shoes
Renaissance Hat Renaissance Suit(T) Renaissance Suit(B) Renaissance Shoes

Lvl 138T

Harlequin's Hat Harlequin's Armor(T) Harlequin's Armor(B) Harlequin's Shoes

Lvl 164T

Gorgeous Hat Gorgeous Suit(T) Gorgeous Suit(B) Gorgeous Shoes

Lvl 184T

Safari Hat Safari Suit(T) Safari Suit(B) Safari Shoes

Craftsman Armor

Equip.Shop in Zaid(Ar)

Worker's Hood Worker's Clothes(T) Worker's Clothes(B) Worker's Shoes
Laborer's Gear Hat Laborer's Clothes(T) Laborer's Clothes(B) Laborer's Shoes
Maker's Bolt Hat Maker's Clothes(T) Maker's Clothes(B) Maker's Shoes
Designer's Suncap Designer's Clothes(T) Designer's Clothes(B) Designer's Shoes
Alchemist's Suncap Alchemist's Clothes(T) Alchemist's Clothes(B) Alchemist's Shoes
Inventor's Hat Inventor's Clothes(T) Inventor's Clothes(B) Inventor's Shoes
Expert's Hat Expert's Clothes(T) Expert's Clothes(B) Expert's Shoes
Architect's Hat Architect's Clothes(T) Architect's Clothes(B) Architect's Shoes
Master's Hat Master's Clothes(T) Master's Clothes(B) Master's Shoes
Artisan Hat Artisan Clothes(T) Artisan Clothes(B) Artisan Shoes
Archimedean Hat Archimedean Clothes(T) Archimedean Clothes(B) Archimedean Shoes
Hat of Hephaestus Suit of Hephaestus(T) Suit of Hephaestus(B) Shoes of Hephaestus

Warrior Armor


Cotton Cap Cotton Tunic(T) Cotton Tunic(B) Cotton Loafers
Leather Hat Warrior's Leather Clothes(T) Warrior's Leather Clothes(B) Warrior's Leather Shoes
Brawlers Headband Brawlers Garb(T) Brawlers Garb(B) Brawlers Shoes
Militia Headband Militia Uniform(T) Militia Uniform(B) Militia Shoes
Force Hat Force Suit(T) Force Suit(B) Force Shoes
Wind Hat Wind Suit(T) Wind Suit(B) Wind Shoes
Martial Arts Hat Martial Arts Clothes(T) Martial Arts Suit(B) Martial Arts Shoes
Warlord Hat Warlord Clothes(T) Warlord Clothes(B) Warlord Shoes
Judgement Hat Judgement Clothes(T) Judgement Clothes(B) Judgement Shoes
Hat of No Limit Clothes of No Limit(T) Clothes of No Limit(B) Shoes of No Limit
Aeon Hat Aeon Suit(T) Aeon Suit(B) Aeon Shoes
Shadowless Hat Shadowless Armor(T) Shadowless Armor(B) Shadowless Shoes

Test for Merchant Pages

Shop List

Item Price
1 11111
2 22222
3 33333
4 44444
Shop Bar.gif
Item Price
Divine Blade.gif Divine Blade 74,000C
Dusk Helmet.gif Dusk Helmet 45,000C
Dusk Armor(T).gif Dusk Armor(T) 72,000C
Dusk Armor(B).gif Dusk Armor(B) 69,000C
Dusk Boots.gif Dusk Boots 39,000C
Dusk Shield.gif Dusk Shield 130,000C
Loriel's Staff.gif Loriel's Staff 57,000C
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