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Aiming to be a vagabond can be quite difficult if you're going to do it by yourself. Grinding for EXP as a Beginner should be done with a party as the Beginner class can only equip only a select few weapons and armors and not to mention their stats are not high compared to the other 1st class jobs available.

To be able to change into a Vagabond, the Beginner should reach a level of 115 and a Fame around 20,000 up to 50,000above (or the status of a Citizen up to Greenhorn).

You start off as a Beginner.

Step 1:

•Talk to the Beggar and select option 1. He will ask you if you are enjoying your adventure. Select the answer "Still Drifting".

Step 2:

•Keep on choosing option 1 until the Beggar introduces the Vagabond Job to you.

Step 3:

•He will need to test you first so he's going to ask 3 questions.

1st Question is: "What is the name of the leader of the Balie Church?" --Aleister

2nd Question is: "Who is a Level 500 Bale, the strongest one?"--Anastasis

3rd Question is: "Guess who will win if 100 Piyas and 10 Rascal Rabbits had a Guild War?"--Tie

Step 4:

•After getting all the correct answers, he will present to you the portrait of Baldea. Just continue the conversation until you reach the end.

Step 5:

•Finish all the conversation and you will now be changed into a Vagabond. To learn Vagabond skills, just talk to the Beggar again.

Please refer to this Wiki page for the Vagabond Skill: VAGABOND SKILLS