Seal Online Wiki

Just like the sealonline official website said. This is new market feature.

It's a feature that allow you to easily search the item that being vending now

Magnifier Button

If you are in the city, on the left screen you will find above "two swords" a "magnifier". (See picture on the right "Magnifier Button")

This "magnifier" allows you to search item on vending.

To use :

1. Click the "magnifier"

2. Type your item name. It's CAPS sensitive. So type Black Ribbon instead of black ribbon

3. And then click Search


4. It will show u some items name. click on one you want then press Confirm (See picture on the right "Found")


5. And it will show u, how many stores that sells those item. The store that sell that will be highlighted on blue (See picture on the right "Blue") and on map will be mark with red dot. (See picture on the right "Red Dot")

Red Dot

Note : sometimes it will show you that there is kiosk selling your searched item, but then if you look, it's gone. this is because the databse on the server it's not updated. it means that this shop sell that item, but it was sold. And please take a note, this will cost you 1000 cegels, if i'm not wrong